In the Artist’s Words…

On Friday April 4, the Art House is excited to open its newest exhibit “Detritus: the Work of Tom Thewes.” A Detroit icon and master of the airbrush, Thewes captures the tension between hope and despair that is Detroit, Michigan. This month, we are pleased to post Thewes’ description of the show in his own words:

Detroit is my inspiration. Its massively hulking industrial structures and barely populated, overgrown and dilapidated residential areas are a gorgeously bleak, expansive wasteland of urban decay that stubbornly refuses to die or be forgotten. Until recently, living here felt like surviving outside the fringes of civilization, yet now it feels like the center of the universe. People here who used to see detritus blown around by the wind are now fuel for the transformation of the city. Despite a history of racial tension, governmental corruption, and industrial waste, the pioneering courage of its business and artistic communities are finally forcing a true rebirth. It is a powerful and important story. In “Detritus”, I want to show my impressions of some of the people around me who make up my personal little chapter in that grand epic.
[ di trtəss ]
1.   debris: debris or discarded material
2.   rock fragments: fragments of rock that have been worn away
3.   organic matter: organic debris formed by the decomposition of plants or animals
synonyms: debris · litter · waste · trash · rubbish · flotsam and jetsam · leftovers”


Don’t miss this great exhibit!

Opening Reception
First Friday, April 4, 6-9 p.m.
Reception sponsored by Edwards Cafe and Catering and Bandoni Creative
Exhibit runs through April 26, Wed-Sat, 1-5.


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