We are 45 minutes away from October’s exhibit reception and as usual on an opening night, you can feel the excitement in the air.  The volunteers are plating the food and making sure the wine opener is charged and ready; the curator is making name tags for the artists; our store manager is tweaking the Featured Store Artist Display; and the Director is adjusting lights.  The festival feeling is definitely enhanced tonight with the Northville High School Homecoming Parade beginning right outside our front door in a few minutes–the marching band is literally a few yards away and their warm-up is outstanding as it sounds like they are playing just for us!

October’s exhibit is incredibly interesting.  Eight artists have interpreted the theme “Under the (Inspired) Influence” and paid homage to that which fuels their creativity.  We have paintings; collages; figures; mixed-media pieces; beeswax figures; drawings and more in our gallery this month.  All are different and all are fascinating.  It will be a fun month watching people react to this art.


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