Featured Store Artist – Colors of the Wood

Featured Store Artist during January to March –  Currently selling at the Art House Store

Be a pART of it!  The Northville Art House is proud to showcase, Colors of the Wood, Northville

The husband and wife woodworking team of “Colors Of The Wood” is based out of Northville, MI.  They opened their doors in July of 2017 and started by making kitchen items for family and friends. Colors of the Wood is very active in the arts community, selling at several retailers and showcasing their items in local art and maker shows throughout the metro Detroit area.

Colors of the Wood is passionate about providing creative and high quality kitchen and home decor products for their customers. Their work in artistic handcrafted woodwork includes coasters, serving trays, cheese boards, cutting boards, and more. They hope to broaden their selection to include larger furniture pieces in the near future. Colors of the Wood is constantly trying new patterns and designs to evolve their work, including custom engraving.

Colors of the Wood experiments with 12 different types of wood to create a unique look in every item. Describing their work practical art, each piece has its own look so you can pick out exactly what works best for you and your aesthetic.  Their end goal, and greatest enjoyment, comes from making people happy and knowing that their hard work will be received and adored by customers.