Congratulations to Art House instructor Julie Woodard!

The staff here at the Northville Art House would like to congratulate one of our instructors, Julie Woodard for being included the Governor’s art collection. She entered 3 paintings and during the opening night of the gallery collection. Fortunately she had one of her paintings which was a still  life robin with fruit purchased that night.
Woodard has been interested in art since she was child. When questioned Woodard states, “My parents took us to many museums and instilled me with an appreciation for art. My father traveled to various countries and he always brought back artwork. Also our living room was filled with paintings and sculptures from all around the world, and I used to love to sit and admire all the different pieces – it was my mini-museum.”
Growing up Woodard mentions that  she was always doing something creative- drawing, painting, sewing, cooking, or gardening. She originally  wanted to become a veterinarian, but she later received a Master’s in Clinical Psychology, art was always a part in her life. As she progressed through school and starting a family due to unfortunate circumstances she ended up turning to art more and more. She states the thing that rehooked her to the art world was a watercolor class at Emory University in Atlanta. “As a former biology major, I have always loved nature in all forms. Michigan has so much beauty- whether in my backyard, walks through woods, or along the coasts surrounded by the great lakes” Woodard says that this was the inspiration for the pieces entered into the Governor’s art collection. As a true nature enthusiast she enjoys artists such as Van Gogh, Renoir, Degas, and Monet.
In regards to how Woodard felt to when she found out she got asked to be in the Governor’s art collection she replied,”I was thrilled! I guess it was also just being at the right place at the right time, and having the right kind of work since the collection is about Michigan artists celebrating the beauty of Michigan, so my work fit the bill perfectly”. Thankfully Julie Woodard plans to  keep creating and teaching and helping others in their journey with art wherever it leads her.
Written by:
Caitlyn Steur
Northville Art House Intern



Julie and the other artists with Governor Snyder.


Julies Robin with Fruit painting sold that night!



Blue Trees



Dots and Dashes Dunes


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