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December 7 – December 15 : Painting with Parkinson’s – Lower Gallery

Co-curated by Northville Art House Instructor and Educational Therapist, Sasha Roberts-Levi, this exhibition will feature the creative expressions of adult student artists with Parkinson’s disease. A collection of paintings produced in vibrant acrylic colors depicting various subject matter will be on view.

Roberts-Levi shares, “My philosophy on teaching art is to focus primarily on the enjoyment aspects while gently introducing the technical and academic. Hence, in creating a passion for the subject matter, the quest for knowledge also becomes enjoyable.” 

There is respect for each of individual and an empathetic understanding of the path being travelled by both those with Parkinson’s and those who care for them. Famous artists with Parkinson’s include Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet. Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, December 7, 6 – 9 pm as we celebrate the work of these talented and spirited artists.



JANUARY 4 – 26: TEXTILE GEOMETRY: Compositions by Katie McGrath and Kathryn Schmidt

Circles, squares, curves and arcs, angles and triangles are the building blocks of fascinating textile construction. When you add beautiful colors and texture with stitch and embellishment, there are infinite possibilities for fabulous creations.

Katie McGrath and Kathryn Schmidt have been exploring these elements for many years—exhibiting, learning, teaching and writing about using textiles in art. This exhibit features work which emphasizes the use of color in fabric choices and thread embellishments for surface design. The work is designed to appeal from a distance and draw the viewer in to enjoy the intricate details.

McGrath’s work features strong design and color choices. The geometry of traditional quilt blocks can be seen in a number of the pieces, but others are more free-form, innovative original designs. Bright colors are the hallmark of her work, although the brights are often complemented with darks. The stitching on the surface may be either hidden by blending with the background, or may use a contrasting color so that the stitching becomes part of the pattern available to the viewer.

Schmidt designs her work with layers of texture. Color is the initial building block and fabric, paint, stitch, beads and found objects are added to the story. Bright colors and strong contrast feature strongly in her work. Her goal is to combine commercial, hand-dyed and surface altered textiles in unique presentations. Both hand and machine stitching are used to enhance and contain those materials.

FEBRUARY 1 – 23: NATURAL FORMS: Figurative and Landscape Works by Ann Kelly Caldwell, Fran Wolok, and Nora Venturelli

This exhibition features drawings and paintings inspired by human dynamics, animal forms, and natural scenery.

Fran Wolok’s daily artistic observation and painting method consists of a type of calligraphic shorthand in editing her landscape compositions. The process of mixing and applying paint in an alla prima manner, wet-on-wet, is intended to record nature and share the moment with the viewer.

Ann Caldwell Kelly draws and paints landscapes, birds, and portraits using a variety of media. In portraits, whether drawing or painting with charcoal or pastel, she attempts to capture that fleeting moment when facial expression reveals character, something honest and individual. The goal is to find that distinguished expression in each person. In bird compositions, Ann paints with watercolor wet-on-wet to suggest sky or water, produce wild background colors, and achieve extraordinary luminosity. In portraits and landscapes, softs pastels allow her to capture the momentary play of light. Nature provides a vast offering of subject matter for her landscapes: the quirky gesture of a chicken, showing off amazing features of color and pattern, a secret quiet cove dappled by the evening light of the sun, or a swift river current bathed in the golden light of autumn. In all of her work, Ann wants to create a final image that resonates with people and communicates her appreciation for a particular place in time, a particular moment of being.

Nora Venturelli takes an integrated approach to her figurative works. She morphs her drawings into paintings with the objective that her paintings manifest the same gestural and linear characteristics as her drawings, and vice versa. Nora is compelled by the complexities of human dynamics and natural processes —how we move, communicate, interact and display ourselves, exposing and suppressing the layers and intricacies of our character. In her body of work, like Wolok and Kelly, she often documents the passages of time, the fleeting moment.

MARCH 1 – 23: The 13th Annual Members’ Exhibition

The exhibition is held in appreciation of members who have generously supported the growth and creativity of the organization and arts in the community over the past year. This exhibition will showcase the talents of over 50 current member artists through original works of art created in a variety of media and styles.


MARCH 25 – APRIL 17: NHS Students’ International Baccalaureate Art Exhibition  

This exhibition is the culmination of the IB Art experience for students at Northville High School. The students present a selection of their best work in the form of a curated final show, and defend and articulate their purpose and intention in a written rationale.

“The visual arts are an integral part of everyday life, permeating all levels of human creativity, expression, communication and understanding (www.ibo.org).”


APRIL 23 – 26: National PTA Reflections – Northville’s Finalists and Award Winners

Each year, the National PTA offers local, regional, state, and national opportunities for young artists in preschool through grade 12 to be recognized for their creativity. Join us for the 50th Anniversary of the National PTA program as we present Northville’s best in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and the visual arts.

The 2018-19 theme “Heroes Around Me” sparks imagination and creativity at school and at home.


MAY 3 – 31: FINE POINT: Juried Colored Pencil Exhibition

This juried competition will showcase the beauty, richness, and versatility of colored pencil through works selected by juror Barbara Goodsitt.

About the Juror

Barbara Goodsitt, Retired Military Man, colored pencil, 11″ x 14″

Barbara Goodsitt has a Bachelors degree in Fine Art with Honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her concentration was on painting, drawing, and printmaking. She is a published illustrator whose clients include medical, educational, business, and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. Her art blog was recently selected as one of the top 25 colored pencil blogs on the Internet by Feedspot.com.

Barbara began her art career working in scientific illustration for hospitals and universities including Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Barbara has illustrated over 20 books for the University of Michigan Press. Her art has been featured in Ann Kullberg’s publications, the Icarus Art Drawing Board Website, and by the U-art Paper Company’s website. Barbara teaches “Drawing In Color’ for Washtenaw Community College’s Community Enrichment Division, Ann Arbor Rec and Ed, and she also gives workshops. She exhibits her work in juried art shows and galleries.

Barbara is a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA), the Michigan Chapter of CPSA, and the Detroit Artists Market. She is a past president of the Ann Arbor Women Artists Organization, where she is currently on the board of directors.


JUNE 7 – 29: RURAL CHARM: Michigan Landscapes by Alan Maciag and Tom Tomasek

This exhibition features plein air and studio oil and pastel compositions by two Michigan artists highlighting the bucolic landscapes, life, and nature of Michigan.

Alan Maciag is a 1974 graduate of Central Michigan University with a Masters Degree in Art Education. He has retired after teaching art for the last thirty-two years in the Frankenmuth School District. His inspired works are numerous and are in private collections in California, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Germany and France.

Alan paints with oils en plein air or outdoors. The pure beauty of nature inspires his paintings. Alan is especially moved by sunlight and the magic a ray of light can cast upon a particular subject revealing the depth and fundamental form waiting to be captured on canvas…from a field of poppies to an Ida Red apple. His rural landscapes, often depicting the the vast rural farmland around his home, are a balance between form, distance, color and content. This balance creates a sense of calm and bucolic reverence for the rural heritage of Michigan. One is invited to simply “step in” for a moment and be surrounded by the spirit created on the canvas.

“As an ‘open air’ painter, I channel all my sensory faculties to absorb the truth in sight complemented by the atmosphere around me. By placing myself among these magnificent gifts of light and nature, my visions are propelled from my head to my hand to my canvas… I use no formulas for painting but have learned to trust my own vision to find truth before me.”

Tom Tomasek has had a lifelong love of drawing and painting and has exhibited his work professionally for more than twenty years. His work has appeared in numerous exhibitions including at the Dennos Museum in Traverse City, the Muskegon Museum of Art in Muskegon, the Saginaw Art Museum in Saginaw, and the Governor’s Residence in Lansing. His work has also has been selected for publication in Pastel Journal Magazine and in the book, The Art of the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Tom’s award-winning pastel compositions depicting Michigan landscapes and nature are known for highlighting the interactions between land, sky, water and light. He attributes is appreciation of landscapes to his rural upbringing, which includes beautiful places like the Great Lakes as well as the ordinary views like the farm fields we drive by everyday. While many of his larger pieces are produced at his studio, Tom, like Alan also paints en plein air.

“I am trying to capture not just a view, but also a feeling that a place evokes. When I finish a painting, my hope is that it enables me to return to that place and moment. I’m especially happy when others who view my work can also feel a sense of that place and time.”

Thank you to our sponsors and your support of the arts in our community.

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