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    August 3 – 25: HOUSE OF WAX: Juried Encaustic Competition

    The competition features artists nationwide who demonstrate the visual possibilities of working with cold wax and encaustic (hot wax)*. The paintings, prints, collage, and sculptural works selected by competition juror Candace Law reveal the inherent qualities of the media such as depth, texture and luminosity, as well as the unique style of each artist.

    Join us at the Art House for the opening reception on Friday, August 3 from 6 – 9 p.m. with an awards presentation and juror’s talk at 7 p.m.

    Participating artists include: Suzanne Allen, Winnie Chrzanowski, Kellen Deau, Gwen Downs, Kim Ensch, Teresa Foster, Naomi Hart, Beverly Koivunen, Maria Latour, Rosemary Lee, Kathleen McNamee, Jason Merriman, Jody Paulson, Melissa Porter, Cindy Rashid, Melissa Rian, Mia Risberg, Jenny Schwartz, Jennifer Stefanek, Ruth Warnock, Wendy Wernet, Lisa Wight, and Paula Zammit.

    September 7 – 29: WEST OF CENTER: Juried All-Media Exhibition

    In its tenth year, West of Center presents compelling works of art created by artists nationwide and selected by exhibition juror and current head of the Exhibitions Committee at the Detroit Artists Market, Jeff Cancelosi. The works reveal a fresh approach to traditional art forms through the use of interesting techniques, unique concepts, and striking imagery.

    Join us at the Art House for the opening reception on Friday, September 7 from 6 – 9 p.m. with an awards presentation and juror’s talk at 7 p.m.

    The selected artwork and artists include:

    • JeanPaul Aboudib – Pennies For Thoughts
    • Sandra Ackerman – Square Shed
    • Gail Borowsk – Burning Wishes
    • Gail Borowski – Flipped Wish
    • E. J. Cobb – An Ideal Arrangement
    • E. J. Cobb – Marking Time (I’m Not Sure What For)
    • Gwen Downs – Deconstruction
    • Gwen Downs – Rock
    • Harah Frost – Figure in the Landscape
    • Harah  Frost – My Own World
    • Took Gallagher – RattleHead
    • Sarah George – Sugar Love
    • Claudia Hershman – Me Too
    • Maria Latour – Artifact, Artifice
    • Maria Latour – Tempted
    • Rosemary Lee – A Slight Quake
    • Rosemary Lee – The Aggregates
    • Felicia Macheske – Beneath Our Feet
    • Michael Markham – Ax on the Hammer
    • Kathleen McNamee – Stop and Think
    • Christine B. Miller – Recycled Thinking: Guardian Earth-Angel!!
    • Christine B. Miller – To: Adam & Eve…Don’t Do It!!
    • Patricia O’Brien – Power Tie
    • Patricia O’Brien – Stripes
    • Vickie Peterson – Solveig’s Farm
    • Blaise Rhein – Full Pencil Jacket
    • Celeste Roe – Endless Summer
    • Steven Roebuck – Celestial
    • Gayle Sanchirico – Black Branch
    • Gayle Sanchirico  – Purple Sage
    • Fran Seikaly – Turbulent Tuesday
    • Brenda Beene Shackleford – Body Language
    • Jennifer Stefanek    – Rebirth
    • Mary Vertrees  – Sweet Yellow
    • Janis Walker – Girlfriends
    • Janis Walker – The Old Table
    • Bob Wesley – Less Then Tomorrow
    • Daisy Wiley – Spite The Face

    October 5 – 27: PATTERNS AND SYMBOLS: The Art of Hiroko Lancour 

    Born and raised in Japan, Hiroko Lancour is a mixed-media artist with cross-cultural aesthetics between East and West. Her early education and career in information technology has added to her artistic expressions. Often methodical and process-oriented, Hiroko explores the concept of dichotomy by juxtaposing contrasting qualities such as Japanese/American, order/chaos, and intentional/accidental.  She often employs the use of pattern, repetition, geometry and structural organization. Discovering underlining meanings in repetitive patterns and procedures has become one of her focal points.

    Hiroko received her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Wayne State University in 2014. She has won various scholarships and awards including the Bud Bernstein Endowed Prize Fund at Wayne State University, first place for the John F. Korachis Scholarship at the Detroit Artists Market and “Best of Show” at the National Fiber Show at the Grosse Pointe Art Center. Hiroko was featured at Detroit’s historic Charles Lang Freer House in Detroit in a special exhibition titled, “Artist in Resonance: Hiroko Lancour at the Charles Lang Freer House.”

    November 2 – December 15 : TransFORM: Contemporary Works in Ceramics, Glass and Metal

    This exhibition will feature extraordinary works of art shaped by prominent and upcoming artists and art educators from the Detroit region.



    August 3 – September 29: Nancy Davis

    Thank you to our sponsors and your support of the arts in our community.

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