Views from Cady Street

September 4, 2013.  Days like today are some of the best ever at the Art House.  This morning, the September show, “Collaboration & Continuum, the Carnival Photographs of Bill Rauhauser and Carlos Diaz” came down. While hard to see the art go (it’s easy to become attached to the work when you see it every day!) it’s always exciting to see what’s next, and September’s show will not disappoint.  Terry Lee Dill’s pieces for his show “Dimorphism” are going up on the walls this afternoon and they are fun, complicated and intensely interesting all at once.

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There’s an immediate sense of whimsy to Dill’s work that invites viewers to delve deep into each piece. Intricate drawings that evoke nature and architecture, many of the pieces appear “realistic” at first glance, but become more elaborate and comprehensive in their imagery upon further study.  Dr. Seuss and M.C. Escher come immediately to mind as the mind decides what’s real and what is fantastical. Dill’s use of black ink filled with gold leaf add a sense of the regal and illumination to each piece.


Both adults and kids will enjoy this show.  It opens First Friday, September 6 with a reception from 6-9.  Terry Lee Dill will talk about his work at 8:00 p.m.  Come join us!

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