The Art House is turning 10!



The Northville Art House first opened its doors in March of 2005 and is now celebrating 10 years of bringing quality art exhibitions, lectures, workshops, classes and events to Northville and the surrounding area.  Throughout the years we have brought in great teachers, enthusiastic members, and wonderful staff. The Art House is really a gem because of all the wonderful people who have helped along our first 10 years!

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Blast from the past: our first ever postcard for our Grand Opening!

This year the Northville Art House is looking to the future, would you give the Art House a birthday present? Consider donating $10 for the past ten years at the Art House and $10 for the next ten years. If we had every member, artist and friend of the Art House donate $20, just think of what we could do. Your tax-deductible donation would go toward much needed supplies for our classroom, our building improvement fund, allow us to expand our outreach, and so much more.

Visit to give the Art House the best birthday gift of all, your support for our next 10 years!


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