Seen at an Exhibition

The October exhibit, “Under the (Inspired) Influence,” is full of faces.  Those of us who spend a lot of time at the Art House feel like we have company here this month as the figures, in many forms and mediums, whisper their stories from the walls and pedestals.  The art, captured in images below by photographer Terri Light, evokes such interesting spirits we can feel their presence even when the lights are off.

October 2013 1      2013_1004_NorthvilleArtHouse2 006    2013_1004_NorthvilleArtHouse1 136 2013_1004_NorthvilleArtHouse2 018  2013_1004_NorthvilleArtHouse1 079  2013_1004_NorthvilleArtHouse2 028

Come “meet” the art through October 26!








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