The “Art” of Hanging

We are often asked if there is a “science” to hanging a show. The answer is “yes” in that we try to space things fairly evenly and on a pleasing horizontal line across the wall. However, pulling a show together is actually more of an art. The entire feeling of an exhibit can change depending on what gets hung next to what–adjacent colors play off of each other,  shapes can lead the eye from one piece to the next, frames can compete, etc. The actual thematic feel of a show can shift depending on what subject matters and styles are placed together. It’s possible for the same art to have a completely different feel depending on who put it on the wall. It’s quite fascinating.

Yesterday and today were “hanging” days here at the Art House. It takes a lot of work to get an exhibit on the walls and our November/December show, “small [Works]” is no exception. There are 57 pieces by 26 artists in our new exhibit and they all must be carefully displayed to show them off. Took Gallagher,  Arts Commissioner and the organizer of this show, gathered two Art House volunteers, Peggy Kerwan and Liz Oliver, and they went to work getting things on the walls and on pedestals. This show was particularly challenging to hang, as there was no set theme, size (other than that the work had to be 12″ x 12″ or less), medium, etc.  All of the work is unique, so finding a cohesive layout was a fun puzzle.

IMG_1158 IMG_1156

The Art House is always looking for volunteers who would like to help organize and hang exhibits. If interested, give us a call!

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