September First Friday

September 9, 2013.  It was an exciting show opening Friday night!  Quite a crowd came to see Terry Lee Dill’s solo show “Dimorphism.”

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The group perused the work, asking questions of the artist and exploring the detailed images.  Dill’s artist talk was especially interesting, and one of the most intriguing aspects he touched upon was the fact that he chooses a title for each piece before he begins drawing. The work evolves as he ponders the meanings of his title word and draws according to what that word means to him.  In many cases, double meanings add mystery and humor to the finished work.

While most of the crowd at the opening consisted of adults, it’s been interesting to hear comments from children who have come into the gallery this past week and viewed the exhibit.  As is so frequently the case, kids see such delightful things within the art that adults don’t even notice!  It will be fun to eavesdrop throughout the month as people of all ages comment upon the work.


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