Food Vendors

Arts and Acts is a three-day weekend festival of arts and music and creative ‘acts’ that annual draws 15,000 visitors to Downtown Northville. Our food vendors appeal to families, foodies and everyone in between. We encourage local community organizations and restaurants to participate in the fair as well.

2023 Food Vendors

Howdy’s Treats – Hot Dogs, bbq pork sliders, walking tacos, popcorn, snowcones and canned/bottled drinks.  (Located on S Wing St.)

Pizza Piazza – Pizza (Located on S Wing St.)

Cinnabon – Cinnamon Rolls, Baked treats, Coffee & Drinks (Located on S Wing St.)

Sunnys Sweets & Treats  – Shaved Ice and Snow Bursts (Located on S Wing St.)

Sugarcane Galore – Organic Raw Cold-Pressed Sugarcane Juice (Located on Northville Art House Parking Lot)

Link to Downtown Restaurants and Businesses>>