Adult Painting Class

Adult Painting Class

Date(s) – 05/18/2022
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Adult Painting with a Purpose (Acrylic or Oil Painting Beginner Plus*- Intermediate)

Instructor: Tricia Hampo

May 11- June 8
Day: Wednesday
Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
5 weeks (M) $120 (NM) $132 (students bring their own supplies)
Max of 8 students

The four P’s of a successful painter – Passion, Purpose, Plan and Play, in no particular order. You may lack a plan for your painting but love to play. Or perhaps you are a total planner who struggles to let go. Not sure what the purpose of your painting is? And well, as far as passion maybe you believe you have it but it doesn’t show in your work or maybe you just think it’s for the really “talented.” We will explore the four P’s through topics such as how to choose and compose your subject matter (I’m particularly fond of portraiture and the figure but we’ll discover your interests). We’ll explore the importance of value and good color choices and color mixing and then a fun but often overlooked “technique” is the brushstroke and how to use it to express yourself in your painting. These are just jumping off points that we will explore in this class, you decide the direction you need/want to go to best lead you to personal and creative growth in your work. Bring a current painting or start fresh. Bring your painting supplies (see attached suggestions); oil or acrylic (I adore oil).
*This class is for those who have had at least some experience with acrylic or oil painting.