Zoom and Registration for Online Classes

Zoom and Registration for Online Classes

The Northville Art House uses a video conferencing tool called Zoom for online classes. Like Skype or FaceTime, Zoom allows students and instructors to see each other face-to-face using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

The follow steps will help get register and get started taking online art classes with Zoom and the Northville Art House. The are also helpful links to help guide you at the end.

Step 1: Register for Online Classes

Registration for online classes is similar to registration for in-person classes. After clicking on the registration button under the online class description, you are taken to the Northville Art House page on Active.com. From here you select the class desired, check the appropriate tuition, add to cart and continue to the check out process by entering log-in information if you are a returning student or email address to set-up a new account if are a new student. Once you are registered you will receive a confirmation email of your online class payment.

Prior to the start of your class, the instructor will also send you an email inviting you to the Zoom online class. You will need the Meeting ID and, if necessary, Password

Step 2: Download Zoom

Once registered, you can download Zoom Client for Meetings for your desktop or laptop computer by visiting Zoom’s online Download Center. Alternatively, you can also down Zoom on your mobile device from the Apple Store if you have iOS or on Google Play if you have an Android.

If you have an iPhone, click “get” and then open once the app downloads; if you have an Android, click “install” then open the app once it’s finished downloading.

Note: Zoom may work best on a computer with the Google Chrome Internet browser>>.

Step 3: Login to Zoom

After you have download Zoom, launch the app and you’ll see a screen that says “Join a Meeting” or “Sign In.” If you already have log-in information, you can sign in and join a meeting. If you’re new to Zoom, you will have to create a free account. 

Once you’re logged into Zoom, you’ll see options to start a new meeting, join a meeting, or schedule a meeting on the main screen. You will join a meeting for your online class.

Prior to the start of the class, we recommend you familiarize yourself with Zoom platform by Joining a Test Meeting>>.

Step 4: Join a Meeting

At the schedule time of your class, click on the Join a Meeting button and enter the Meeting ID, and if necessary, the Password, found in the email invitation from your instructor.

Note: If you have not opened or download Zoom, you may also need to click Join Zoom Meeting link in the email invitation to launch the app and online class. 

As your class loads, when prompted click  Join with Video button, and then the Join with Computer Audio.

Please be patient as the class continues to load and your instructor admits you in. Congratulations! Once admitted you are now “live” with your instructor and other students in the class.

Step 5: In a Zoom Meeting

Again, the best way to learn about Zoom platform is by Joining a Test Meeting prior to the class. Zoom also shares a few Student Tips for Participating in Online Learning.

Once inside, there are a few options that you also may find useful.

Your instructor may use the Screen Share function to share with each student their computer screen, a presentation, materials or artwork that can be viewed on your device.

The Chat option provides the instructor and students the opportunity to send a private message to each other. To enable this feature, simply tap the Chat tab and send a message.

You can also Mute your audio, see the different Participants, share a Reaction, Enter Full Screen, and Leave Meeting (class). The Invite and Record options are used by the Instructor (Host).

Helpful Links

For more help, visit Zoom.us.

Additional Meeting Information

In addition to the join the meeting option on the main screen, you can start a new meeting or schedule a meeting. 

You can start a New Meeting by clicking the down arrow to enable your video, then invite people to the meeting. 

Scheduling a meeting means planning one and inviting people in advance. Once a meeting is scheduled, you’ll see it on your Homescreen. Zoom also allows you to sync up your iOs calendar app if you have an iPhone, that way you can receive the meeting notification on your calendar app.