First Impressions

A Collaboration of Printmakers

January 7 – February 4, 2023

Rosemary Lee and Celeste Roe have been working together for over twenty years. Their experiences as friends and printmakers have brought them many productive achievements. In addition to the work, they have formed social bonds that have proven especially enriching in the past few years.

“We encourage and sometimes goad each other to push outside the comfortable and familiar.  Working in tandem sparks ideas and directions that we would not necessarily achieve when working alone.” 

Rosemary and Celeste invite viewers to appreciate the range of visual techniques and beautiful results that printmakers can achieve. Sometimes, it is hard to describe exactly what a “print” is. First Impressions presents many aspects of this visual artwork. 


Rosemary Lee

I have studied printmaking and painting for many years.  Through various workshops and classes my original studies have been augmented with bookmaking, screen printing and encaustic endeavors.

My work is a reflection and reaction to my environment and to events about me.  I frequently use botanical images to represent my thoughts.  The use of collage allows me to tear down and build up surfaces to achieve the impact that I seek. The state of our environment is now of an area of concern which I sometimes reflect in some of my work.

Experimentation and having fun are also key elements in much of my work.  The use of a printing press enables me to juxtapose desperate textural elements to compose artwork.  Color is another aspect of my work which I then can incorporate with the textures.

Celeste Roe

I interpret elements of this world in my favorite media, printmaking.  I enjoy all aspects of making prints, from creating the plates to mixing inks, and experimenting with layering different plates and colors. There is a certain mystery involved in making prints, in that all of the work is created on the plate, not on the paper.  It’s not until the paper is placed on the plate and run through the press that the image appears.  This is wonderfully exciting and seems somehow that the work is creating itself.

The inspiration for my work comes from the elements of nature that I see or find to be interesting.  When I work with them I am reminded of the connection we have to all things.  The print is a result of these connections and the experiments in the studio.