Artist Statement & Artwork Description


KENDALL ASH, NHS 12th Grade, 202o

As an artist, I try to best represent the emotions I feel about different experiences through my work. When I recognize an emotion I want to capture, I think of scenarios and images that can help me express what I feel. Much of my inspiration for these scenarios comes either from things that I like or struggles I have faced. As a result, I often illustrate my love of music or science, and I have a few feminist pieces inspired by women’s issues.

My idea for Curiosity was to represent both the beauty and harm caused by humanity’s innate desire to learn and was inspired by my affinity for astronomy. The name comes partly from NASA’s Curiosity Rover.

Locks expresses femininity and the inherent limitations that come with it in society. The name is also a double entendre.

GEON PARK, NHS 12th Grade, 202o

This acrylic painting’s purpose is to capture and respond to the natrual phenomenon of the butterfly nebula. The butterfly nebula, or NGC 6302, has grand spectrum of colorful lights forming the shape 0f wings that resembles those of a butterfly. I chose a wider range of colors than the actual picture of the nebula to express the mysterious view.

Jazz Improvision is an impromptu painting that started off without a plan that ended up being a stage scene. I painted with a free style and went with the flow without big plans, just like improvisations in jazz music.

ISABELLA CIRULIS, NHS 12th Grade, 202o

I think I found art through a necessity to express myself when words were difficult. Throughout my life I’ve faced a lot of personal struggles that are reflected in my personal style and help me to process the continuous waves of loss and gain, especially in the last few years.

This piece showcases the feelings of getting stepped on, the way people take advantage of you and the way sometimes you let them. Sometimes the strength doesn’t come from fighting back, but letting every footprint bring out more of yourself.