Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions

SEPTEMBER 6 – 28: West of Center: Art that Pushes Boundaries

-This juried all-media exhibition, now in its 11th year, will showcases over 60 works created by 35 artists. Detroit artist and juror Tony Roko made selections based on art and artists that pushed the boundaries of art imagery, practices, and theory. Boundaries included those set by traditional techniques, materials, concepts, genre, subject matter, art history, personal experiences, or societal norms. Artists were also encouraged to explore and employ new techniques, technologies, and mediato create compelling two- and three-dimensional artworks.

This free exhibition opens with a reception September 6 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm and runs through September 28 during regular gallery hours.

Selected artists and artwork include:

Jean-Paul Aboudib  Maria Latour 
Darkness Taking Dawn Leaves
Washing Away Stitched Together
Emily Adelman  Rosemary Lee 
Tree of Life Endoplasm
Anger Splash Strata 7
Jim Aho Travis Matchulat 
Simple Gifts – Book III – No. 71 Dr. Lester Lanchester
Simple Gifts – The Book of Cuba – No. 49 Etta Lake
David Bartlett Pieces
Hypnagogia I Janet McClintock 
Kathleen Boettcher  Leaf Planet
What Would the Good Shepherd Do? Patricia O’Brien 
Bet You Can’t levitate LOL
Irina Bondarenko  Number 37
Lullaby for a Refugee Strength
Stephen Boni  Heather O’Donnell 
In Memory of Ruth & Angelo Boni 2 Hanging by A Thread
Marian Burghiu Inception
Summer Spirit Vickie Peterson
Keith Christmas Cranes in Gold
Only One Per Grave Boys Dean Rogers 
The Creepers Secret She’s Got the Look
Christina Czaja Gayle Sanchirico 
I Beg to Differ It’s Complicated
Kate’s Hands She’s Come Undone
Pamela Day Zedekiah Schild
Ring Master Boombi
Took Gallagher  One Shoe in the Road
Your Guide is Now Ready to Escort You. Please Follow Him. The Veggies Are Almost Ready
Naomi Hart  Tricia Soderberg
Letters from Home Glimpse
The Guardian Pat Vartanian 
Claudia Hershman  Regionals
Gossip Tea Party
A Likely Story Mary Vertrees 
Telling Stories Five Orange
Peggy Kerwan  Happy Yellow and Orange
Raven Mavens – I Love Big Beaks Bob Wesley 
Watch Over Me – I Love Big Beaks Let’s Go
WanChuan Kesler Carrie ‘Care’ Wheeler
Art of Fire Red Hots, Wild Skies
Good Hair Day We Don’t Want You Here
Viviane Kluska Wounded
Pain is Subjective You Know Danna Wolke-Bowersox
Zach Koch Solitude
Flashback The Bath
I’m a Loner, a Rebel Jessica Woodard
Bee Jeweled

OCTOBER 4 – 26:  POSE: Portrait and the Costumed Figure

This exhibition will feature portraits and figurative work developed in the studio from a live model. The work includes paintings in oil and pastel, as well as drawings in charcoal. The participating artists include Susan Perrish, Mary Step, Sara Hadley, Kathleen McNamee, Kathleen Connell, Kathleen Boettcher, Candace Brancik, Jayne Brophy, Janet Kondziela, Nina Ashraf Asmi, Lynn Newman, and Rose Rhodes.

This free exhibition opens with a reception October 4 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm and runs through October 26 during regular gallery hours.

NOVEMBER 1 – 30: SMALL WORKS Juried All Media Exhibition

This open juried exhibition will showcase contemporary artworks on a diminutive scale, limited to 12 inches in any direction, in all types of media including painting, drawing, ceramics, metalwork, photography, sculpture, mixed media and more. All works will be for sale, the majority under $300, making them perfect holiday gifts.

This free exhibition opens with a reception November 1 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm and runs through November 30 during regular and holiday gallery hours.

Complete the online entry form here>> by Sunday, September 15 11:59 pm EST

Download the Small Works Prospectus>> for exhibition details.