Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions


February 7 – 29: Black & White: Juried All Media Exhibition

Black and White showcases the power and range of monochromatic colors through works that comprise of only blacks, grays, and whites.

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, February 7, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm (Attendees are encouraged to wear black and white attire to the reception.)

Artist, architect, and juror Donn Angel Pérez has selected 56 works by the following 45 artists:

Dale Alcocer, Gerald Alderman, Alexis Beucler, Denise Carter, Donald J. Cronkhite, Patricia Domanski, Carol Foerster, Scott Foster, Kath Frajbis, Veronique Gambier, Carolyn Garay, Starnescia Godbott, Debbie Grifka, Kevin Grow, David Haggard, Caleb Henkelman, Peggy Kerwan, Friedhard Kiekeben, Janet Kondziela, Angela Larson, Maria Latour, Dennis McCarty, Kathleen McNamee, Barbara Eko Murphy, Jennifer Muse, Michael Nowotny, Kelly O’Neill, Sarah Olson, Tasha Peace, Robert D. Perrish, Susan Perrish, Jim Rehlin, Venice Rioux, Denise Rohde, Nancy Savage, Karen Schlanderer, Chuck Schroeder, M.J. Seltzer, Matruka Sherman, Sandra Steed, Ellen Stern, Jos Stumpe, Julie Varner, Marty Walker, and Lori Zurvalec.

The artworks include:

Dale Alcocer  Kathleen McNamee 
Cavernous Corridor Barrette
Gerald Alderman  Barbara Eko Murphy 
Infinity – Recoleta, Argentina Aim High!
Alexis Beucler  Jennifer Muse 
Alligator Swim Even – Tempered
Rocky Shore Michael Nowotny 
Denise Carter Bygone
Bold flavor Kelly O’Neill 
Donald J Cronkhite Compromise is the Key
Tempest Men on the Moon
Patricia Domanski  Sarah Olson 
Skulls, Rocks and Wood Proliferation 1
Carol Foerster  Tasha Peace 
The Dollhouse Industrial Winter
Painted Lady Butterfly Robert D Perrish 
Scott Foster The Englishman
Patricia’s Salon Susan Perrish 
Kath Frajbis  Nicole
Volumiousity I Jim Rehlin 
Veronique Gambier  Guitarman B&W
Botanical Study · Fringed Tulip #1 Venice Rioux 
Carolyn Garay  Mudpots
The MeetleMechaMorAchniPhosis… Denise Rohde 
The One Where Turtles are Part Spider… End of the Road
Starnescia Godbott Life Cycle
Raven Nancy Savage 
Debbie Grifka  Game On
Canterbury #2 Karen Schlanderer 
Kevin Grow  Still Life with Book
Horse and Rider Chuck Schroeder 
David Haggard  Endurance
The Realm Beneath Omo River People #2
Caleb Henkelman  M J Seltzer
Diminution WaxPaperOne
The Choice Matruka Sherman
Peggy Kerwan  French Tulip
Bird Brothers Heaven Sent
Friedhard Kiekeben  Sandra Steed 
Black White and Grey 1 Tropical Foliage
Janet Kondziela  Ellen Stern 
Morgan’s Hat Construction
Angela Larson  Jos Stumpe 
Dance in Black & White Reflections of New York
Moonshadowed Julie Varner
Maria Latour  Lotus in Hand
Patterns Marty Walker
Three Trio of Pears
Dennis McCarty  Lori Zurvalec 
Crossed Legs A Fairy Tale: Small Girl Encounters Two Arthropods
A Fairy Tale: In the Forest at the Edge of Change

March 6 – 28: The 14th Annual Members’ Exhibition

The Northville Art House invites all current members of any age to be a part of this annual exhibition by submitting one work of art. Learn more and Enter or Become a Member!


Featuring the creative talents of students from Northville Public Schools.

March 30 – April 9: NHS Student IB Art Exhibit

April 14 – 25: NHS Student Art Exhibition

April 21 – 25: NPS PTA Reflections

May 1 – 30: DREAMS & NIGHTMARES:  Juried All Media Exhibition

This juried art exhibition will highlight preconceived and spontaneous work provoked by real-life events or inspired by thoughts and images in the mind.

Also on View: The Art of Tonya Merke, Emerging Artist

June 5 – 27: IN BLOOM: A Fresh Look at Flowers in Art

Floral paintings, collages and textiles by Maria Latour, Shadia Derbyshire, Denise Cassidy Wood, and Sandy Dekker.

Also on View: The Art of Tonya Merke, Emerging Artist