Urban Landscapes

Urban Landscapes: Photographs & Paintings of City Architecture & its Environs is on view now through October 30. The exhibition presents 50 visual interpretations of the urban environment from painter Dale Alcocer of Wixom and photographers Lawrence Hamilton of Wixom, Bill Schahfer of Royal, and J.Gordon Rodwan of Detroit.

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The realistic style paintings of Dale Alcocer reveal contrasting light and shadow that sculpt and create dramatic and interesting focal points. His cityscapes may be bright and bold, or dark and subdued, but all express his interpretation and perception of the complexity, vibrancy, and grittiness of the urban environment. Website

Lawrence Hamilton strives to reduce each scene to its simplest form while providing a strong emphasis on the basic aspects of light and shadow. The resulting architectural photographs create a slightly abstracted reality that are not only bold and graphic, but representative of his personal interpretation of the urban landscape. Website

The photographs of Bill Schahfer depict the uniqueness and personality of the urban setting such as the midtown Detroit’s neo-Romanesque architecture or Chicago’s contrasting gritty and quiet residential streets. He strives to capture the sights that give residents pride as well as a positive sense of identity and belonging. Website

Gordon Rodwan seeks to capture unique angles, details, shapes, and shadows. He works in color as well as black and white as both approaches offer distinct characteristics, advantages, and opportunities. Gordon strives to compose compelling photographs in unusual places and expose unexpected aspects of traditional urban subject matter.