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January 14 – February 12: Mosaic Evolution

Since ancient times, mosaics have been a popular art form. Traditionally made of meticulously arranged stone or colored glass, today’s artists reveal unique approaches and ideas when it comes to materials, applications, and techniques. Mosaic Evolution celebrates the vibrancy of the Michigan mosaic community through this eye-catching exhibition.

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January 14 – February 12: Mosaic Evolution

Argalia by Kate Hanley – bighorn sheep skull, green copper mohave turquoise cabochons, art glass, Czech beads and buttons, rhinestone chain, and paint 12.5″ x 24″ x 7.5″, $1650
Desert Journey by Kate Hanley, gemsbok antelope skull, cabochons, millefiori, ceramic tiles, Czech glass seed and cone beads, rhinestone chain, and paint 39x18x6.5, $1900
Reflections by Kate Pepin, Czech glass beads, stained glass and mirror on rescued base 30″x 24″x 5.5″, $500
The Hive by Linda Haywood – stained glass, glass bee, millefiori, and beads, 16″ x 16″, $350
Finding Self by Shonda Adams, art, iridized, and mirrored glass with vintage necklace, selenite, silver jewelry wire on mirror substrate and plywood 12″ x 12″x 2.25″, $400

On the Side of the Road II by Michelle Sider, stained glass and stone with beads, $2000
Blue Mirror by Peggy Peterson, pottery shards, 10″x10″, $95
Got Wine? by Marilyn Willingham, iridized and stained glass with glass nuggets on pre-made wood table base, 16″x16″x34″, $650
Shoe Bop by Marilyn Willingham, stained and tiled glass, nuggets, and beads with ceramic finds, 8″x12″x8″, $750
Lone Star Boot by Peggy Peterson, pottery shards 9″x12″, $125

Ava in Pink Princess Background by Wade Eldean – glass, ceramic, and plastic on board, 32″ dia, $3200
Reconfigure by Ruth Tyszka, Hand built ceramic tiles, repurposed ceramic, glass, and beads, 16″x20″, $575
Wing Nut by Renee Spears, stained glass, ball chain, clay, glass beads, wing nuts & fused glass 13″x13″, $250
Tank by Renee Spears, porcelain, jewelry findings, glass tiles & found items 9″x5″x6″, $300
Tank’s Old Lady by Renee Spears, porcelain, jewelry findings, glass tiles & found items 9″x5″x6″, $300
Be My Baby by Linda Haywood, stained glass and glass heart beads 8″ x 8″, $150
Once Upon a Time by Renee Spears, stained glass, tumbled marble, glass frit, stone, 15.5″x12.5″, $400
Temptation by Ruth Tyszka, Smalti, stained glass, and glass tile on sculpted substrate, 23″x39″, $2600

Gypsy Dancer by Joan Schwartz, ceramic, smalti, stained and metl glass, wood beads, and mixed media, 25″x43″x4″, $1500
The Ayes Have It by Joan Schwartz, stained and fused glass, pottery, gold smalti, wood with glass and metal beads, 12″x8″x6″, $475
Eye of the Storm by Joan Schwartz, orange gold smalti, glass beads and ceramic, 8″x8″x1″, $375
Out of the Blue by Joan Schwartz, gold and blue smalti, blue Van Gogh glass, with glass and metal beads 8″x8″x2″, $375
Mardi Gras by Marilyn Willingham, stained glass and glass beads on panel, $750
Bonding by Joan Schwartz, raku, gold and turquoise smalti, glass, metal and ceramic beads, 8″x8″x2″, $425

Turn of Events by Joan Schwartz, gold, blue, orange, and green smalti and millefiori with glass and metal beads, 8″x8″x2″, $425
I Cannot Tell a Lie by Joan Schwartz, ceramics, glass, and wood beads 16″x12″x9″, $425
Blue Fruit Bowl by Peggy Peterson, pottery shards 10″x10″, $125

Peppers by Michelle Sider, gold and Italian smalti, $1800
Cake Study: 5 Tier by Ruth Tyszka, stained glass, glass tile, Mexican and Italian smalti, Blenko Glass cullet on sculpted relief, 26″x51″, $2600

Tea Cup by Michelle Sider, gold and Italian smalti, $1800
Shavasana Portal by Randee Pieper, art and fused glass with gold smalti, $250
Fiesta Jar by Peggy Peterson pottery shards and found objects 10″x 8″, NFS
Odyssey by Shonda Adams, art and dichroic glass with recycled ornament 14″ x 14″x 2.25″, $525
Island in the Stream by Ski, art glass with gold and colored smalti, 15″x17″, $500
Ring of Fire by Shonda Adams, art, dichroic, stained and fusible glass 14″x11″, $425
Black Hole by Shonda Adams – art, stained, and dichroic glass with hematite beads on interior and tissue paper decoupage on exterior of glass bowl, $455

Rippled Sunset by Michelle Sider, stained glass with gold and Italian smalti, 27″x35″, $13500
Micro Garden by Renee Spears, glass filati, 6″x6″, $400
Mosaic Garden Necklace 1 by Renee Spears,filati in jewelry finding, 2″x1.25″, $300
Mosaic Garden Necklace 2 by Renee Spears, filati in jewelry finding 2″x1.25″, $300
Flight by Kate Pepin, porcelain, smalti and glass filati on silver plate bezel, 1 3/4″ Dia, $185
Morning Hibiscus by Ski Szyniszewski, art glass, 13″x16″, $675
Skyward by Sue Majewski, stained glass, 36″x36″, $1900
Good Day Sunshine by Marilyn Willingham, stained glass and glass beads on wood base, 17″x12″, $635
Welcome Home by Kate Pepin, porcelain, stained glass and ceramic on wood base, $250
Bright Poppies by Sue Majewski, hand built ceramic and stained glass 36″x19″, $1500
Continuum / Wind Spirit by Shonda Adams – transparent Venetian smalti, contorno, found Linden twigs and paper wasp nest on mirror, $325
Sailing the Lake by Ski,, art and slag glass, 11″x8″, $200
Strut Your Stuff and Green With Envy by Shonda Adams – stained and pebbled glass, glass, seed and silver beads, tissue paper and peacock feathers on leather shoes, $900
Blue Aspiration by Shonda Adams – art, iridized, stained, dichroic, and iridized mirror glass with transparent Venetian smalti on mirror and birch plywood substrate, $675
Great Lakes Teapot by Ruth Tyszka, ceramic, stone, Blenko glass cullet and found object on teapot, $375
Crazy Fish by Alice Rolfes-Curl, stained glass 13″x9″, $225
Fractured Limestone by Alice Rolfes-Curl, limestone, marble, and rocks 11″x13″, $150
Green Wildflowers by Sue Majewski – hand built ceramic and stained glass 36″x19″, $1500
Twilight Reflections by Randee Pieper, art, etched dichroic, mirrored glass and glass stringers 11″x 9″, $400

Perched Orb by Randee Pieper, dichroic glass, found objects, polymer clay, recycled beaded jewelry, and microbeads on base 6″ x 4″, $140
Lily of the Wood by Kate Pepin, Czech and stained glass, seed beads, and wire on wood board, $300
Landmannalaugar, Iceland by Alice Rolfes-Curl, stained glass, 30″x14″, $750
Laminae by Alice Rolfes-Curl, stained glass, 8″x8″, $300

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