NPS Student Virtual Art Exhibition

First held in 1999, this year’s Northville Public Schools Student Virtual Art Exhibition features 21 artworks by 12 artists in Grades 9 – 12. The public is invited to view the exhibition and share their comments on the work and exhibition.Participating Artists include: Aurelia Calabrese, David DiNick, Dime Fermanis, Lily Gerlach, Saachi Gulati, Amy Krause, Jaden Laba, Laura Lalev, Evelyn Leicht, Chloe Mattison, Janet Tian, and Jennie Wei. Special thanks to Brian Balcoff and art teachers at Northville High School.

March 21 – April 1: NPS Student Virtual Art Exhibition
Amy Krause (NHS-11), Looking Rabbit, acrylic paint, 17″ x 11″
2nd Place: Amy Krause (NHS-11), Mantegna Inspired Self-Portrait, charcoal and lead, 24″ x 18″
Aurelia Calabrese (NHS 9), I Found, Procreate® digital art, 12.5″ x 8.5″
Aurelia Calabrese (NHS 9), Untitled, pencil on paper, 12″ x 9″
1st place: Chloe Mattison (NHS-11), A Faberge Egg Dedicated to My Mother, terracotta clay, 5.5″ x 4.5″ x 6.5″
Honorable Mention: David DiNick (NHS-10), Yellowstone Farm House, photograph
Dime Fermanis (NHS-10), My Creativity – My Hobbies, colored pencil on cardboard, 11″ x 8″
Dime Fermanis (NHS-10), Northville High, colored pencil, sharpie on paper, 8.5″ x 11″
Evelyn Leicht (NHS-11), Engulfing, charcoal and pencil on paper, 24″ x 18″
3rd Place: Evelyn Leicht (NHS-11), Exemplar, chalk pastel and acrylic paint on cardboard, 27″ x 25″
Jaden Laba (NHS-10), Ocean View, colored pencil and pencil, 11″ x 9″

Janet Tian (NHS-11), Hugs: a semi-abstract interpretation, oil on canvas, 16″ x 16″
Janet Tian (NHS-11), Summertime and Strawberries, watercolor, colored pencil, and alcohol marker on paper, 18″ x 12″
Honorable Mention: Jennie Wie (NHS-12), Technoculture, oil paint, gold leaf, 27″ x 25″
Jennie Wie (NHS-12), Humanity’s Matricide, oil paint, 28″ x 22″
Laura Lalev (NHS-9), Love Birds, acrylic on canvas, 12″ x 12″
Laura Lalev (NHS-9), The Pear, watercolor pencils on mixed media paper, 8 1/4″ x 5 13/16″
Lily Gerlach (NHS-12), Floridian Sunset, photography
Honorable Mention: Lily Gerlach (NHS-12), Michigan Summer, photography
Saachi Gulati (NHS-9), Lost in Thought, pencil and charcoal on paper, 14″ x 10″
Saachi Gulati (NHS-9), The Graceful Wild, pastels, pencil and ink on paper, 10″ x 14″

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