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Sept. 1 – 25: West of Center: Art that Pushes Boundaries

The exhibition features 50 works in all-media by 35 artists who build upon artistic tradition and embrace new experiments in contemporary art. Artists were encouraged to push the boundaries of art imagery and practices, include those set by traditional techniques, materials, concepts, genre, subject matter, personal, societal etc.

Click on the images of work in the slideshow or visit the Online Artisan Store to browse works for sale online. 

September 1 – 25: West of Center: Art that Pushes Boundaries
SereniTREE by Peggy Kerwan, acrylic on canvas, 30×24, $700
Eleusis by Jean-Paul Aboudib, oil on canvas, 60 x 48, $4000
Beginning by Andrew Ortiz, archival pigment print, 29×20, $500

Tribute to Woman by Stephan Shuran, iPhone digital photography, 8×10, $150
Smoke Dancers by Allen Brooks, photography, 23×23, $200
Eye of the Storm by Winnie Chrzanowski, photography on metal, 12×12, $250
Unsettled by Candace Law, encaustic mixed media on panel, 12″ x 12″, $300
Unknown by Candace Law, encaustic mixed media on panel, 8″ x 8″, $225
That Kiss by Pat Vartanian, photo weaving embellished with sequins and nigel beads, mounted on canvas, 15 1/2” x 15 1/2”, NFS
Grounded by Beverly Koivunen, thread on aida cloth, 10″x8″, NFS
Searching by Sarah Koch, digital collage and illustration using family photos, 12″ x 16″, $100
Solid Ground by Linda Aulicino, metal photographic print, 16” x 16”, $75
Yes Indeed by Bob Wesley, acrylic & mixed media, 12 x 12, $80
In My Mother’s House There Are Many Mansions by Sylvia Bandyke, digital photography, 14″x14″, $175
Sweet Dreams by Sylvia Bandyke, digital photography, 14″x14″, $175
Rockabye by Tricia Hampo, oil on panel, 16×20, $450
Dark Knight by Pat Vartanian, mini-macrame necklace, 11.5 x 5.5, $400
Watching Her Disappear Into Art by Jane Zich, acrylic on collage of shell and mulberry papers affixed to panel, 16×12, $700
The Magician’s Assistants by Jane Zich, acrylic on marbled mulberry paper affixed to panel, 10×8, $500
Repose by Danna Bowersox, repousse copper, copper on wood, 23”x 26” x 1”, $300
Self-Portrait by Jane Ryan, oils, acrylic, collaged papers, textiles on canvas, 40 x 30, $800
Stories to Tell by Nina Ashraf, conte crayon on mylar, 14×20, NFS
Flapper by McNamee, conte, 16×12, $300
Brass Key by MJ Seltzer, encaustic drawing on Arches cover using graphite, iron oxide, pigment, metal leaf, and a blow torch, 37 x 29, NFS
Attraction by Gail Borowski, graphite on paper, 18×22”, NFS
Still Blooming by Nina Ashraf, acylic on canvas, 36×36, NFS
Celebrating Differences by Barbara Eko Murphy, Celebrating Differences ink and watercolor on watercolor paper, 22×18, $300
Rhodies on Wood by Rosemary Lee, wood block print with stencils and monotype using etching ink, 30 x 30, $500
Early Spring by Danna Bowersox, copper, copper wire and wood, 26 x 8 x 4”, $200
Oak Leaves in Snowy Woods by Dennis Gordon, two plate woodcut, 16×22, $485
Frozen in Flight by Winnie Chrzanowski, photography on archival paper, 11×14, $250
Blaze by Linda Sterns, mixed media, 40×30, NFS
Sign Language by Keith Christmas, pyrography on distressed wood, 60″x10″, $350
Incandescent by Linda Sterns, Incandescent, mixed, 40×32, $750
In the Weeds by Celeste Roe, monoprint with pencil, 12 x 16, $350
Danse De La Vie by Daria Fileta, Danse De La Vie, watercolor, 28 x 36, $500
Woman in Blue by Lynn Edwards Newman, oil on ampersand board, 12″ x 12″, $390
Peony by Gail Borowski, acrylic, graphite & chalk pastel, 10×10, $90
Flowers by Daria Fileta, watercolor, 36×28, $500
Early Fall on the Dunes by Sandra Steed, watercolor monotype, 17.5″ x 12″, $700
Layers of the Day by Rose Starke, collage papers, 36″ x 23″, $700
Fruit, Plates, and Stripes by Sandra Steed, watercolor, 12″ x 18″, $600
Tribe 3 by Claudia Hershman (View of 3 sides), collage, acrylic, markers & pencil on one shipping container, 57x11x11, $1500
Take Flight by Cheryl Phillips, acrylic, pencil, & collage, 12×12, $225
Untitled (83NOP) by Matthew McLaughlin, graphite and printmaking ink on paper mounted to panel, Each panel 14″x 6″, $1800
Light of Day by Steph Joy Hogan, acrylic and ink, found and painted papers with mixed media on stretched canvas, 12×12, $525
Water in the Desert by Tricia Hampo, acrylic and mixed media, 10×7, $125

Small World by Claudia Hershman, collage papers, markers, acrylic, pencil, steel rod on cardboard, 18x11x5.5, $500

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