West of Center: All Media Exhibition

In its 15th year, West of Center ran from August 29 – September 23 and highlighted over 50 artworks by artists from around the country in any media, style and theme. The exhibition was juried by widely collected mosaic artist Darcel Deneau who, among many accolades, received the prestigious Kresge Arts in Detroit Fellowship in 2021.

Exhibition Artists include Jean-Paul Aboudib, Tobi Abrams, Suzanne Allen, Linda Aulicino, Sylvia Bandyke, Keith Beale, Gail Borowski, Marchelle Brotz, Winnie Chrzanowski, Pamela Day, Paula Doe, Tia Sunshine Dye, Ellie Foster, Katherine Frajbis, Tricia Hampo, Steven Hauptman, Claudia Hershman, Nancy Janosi, Peggy Kerwan, WanChuan Kesler, Linda Klenczar, Janet Kohler, Maria Latour, Rosemary Lee, Brant MacLean, Kathleen McNamee, Michael Nowotny, Cheryl Phillips, Kimberly Raboin, Celeste Roe, Dean Rogers, Gayle Sanchirico, Chuck Schroeder, Fran Seikaly, Carl Sperber, Rose Starke, Sandra Steed, Penelope Trikes, Pat Vartanian, Janice Wilkiemeyer, and Lori Zurvalec.

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1 – Gail Borowski, Bloom in the Storm acrylic and pastel, 60″ x 48”
2 – Nancy Janosi, Gone with the Wind, pastel, 20″ x 28”
3 – Steven Hauptman, All That Jazz, photography printed on canvas, 24 x 32
4 – Chuck Schroeder, Omo River People #14, pen and colored pencil, 20 x 24
5 – Keith Beale, Eastern Market, watercolor, 22” x 30”
6 – Rose Starke, Chicago Morning paper collage, 26″ x 20″
7 – Rosemary Lee, Trilobites, mixed print media on BFK paper 29″ x 22″
8 – Janice Wilkiemeyer,  Save Our Coral ,clay and glazes, 11.5″ x 12″ x 6.5”