Chalk Festival


PrintThank you to all who participated in the Northville Art House Chalk Festival!  We had a record number of online votes to tally (over 500!)  In each category the prizes are as follows:  1st Place ($30) 2nd Place ($20) and 3rd Place ($10).  The winners of the 2017 Northville Art House Chalk Festival are…

Child Artist Category:

1st Place :  #77  Max Samhat

2nd Place:  #74 Sophia Valenti

3rd Place:  #76 Lila Samhat


Youth Artist Category:

1st Place:  #1 Aidan Torres

2nd Place:  #7  McKenzie Kosinski

3rd Place:  #67  Nate Bennett


Group Category:

1st Place:  #59  Elyse Roush and Nicole Dobson

2nd Place:  #22  Sophia and Emily Ball

3rd Place:  #85  Katie and Anna Malloure


Adult Category

1st Place:  #69  Jodie Roden

2nd Place:  #6  Kelli Taylor

3rd Place:  #69  Ellen Bennett

*Prizes will be mailed this week.



Special Thanks to our 2017 Chalk Festival Sponsor

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