Current Exhibition


-Dreams and nightmares have long been a part of creative imagination and expression. Following the curiosity of ancient philosophers, artists, particularly from the 16th Century to the present, turned their attention to the subject of dreams. This exhibition highlights 40 works inspired by the thoughts, images, emotions and sensations experienced in the mind of 29 of today’s artist and selected by artist, photographer and juror Denise Rhode of Ann Arbor, MI.


This works in the exhibition can be viewed through these gallery images as well as in our virtual exhibitions gallery.

The majority of works can be purchased online in the Artisan Store. Send inquiries to or call 248.344.0497.


On August 1, the award winners were announced at the exhibition’s opening reception: (Watch the video on our YouTube channel.)


In the Media:

Oakland Press

Artwork Criteria: 

  • Open to the artists’ interpretation based on the dreams & nightmares theme.
  • Subject matter may be spiritual, romantic, surreal, fantasy, strange, dark, disturbing, or misguided, etc.
  • Work may be inspired by a dream during sleep, a daydream, a hypnotic occurrence, or an out-of-body experience.


  • Jean Paul Aboudib Age Of The Goddess / The Legend Of Azriel
  • Robert Beras Dream 37
  • Chris Boyko Novel: Yearn, Detach, Grandiose / Telephone: Gossip, Gamble, Twist
  • Allen Brooks The Beast /  The Devil’s Place
  • Se’an Cahill Mother
  • Denise Carter Meal Of The Day / Residual
  • Daria Fileta Dream Of Cherry Blossoms / Who Am I
  • Daniel Geanes Sarah: Viceland
  • Hana Ichikawa Dreams And Nightmares
  • Jennifer Johnstonbaker Misfired
  • Peggy Kerwan The Other Me
  • Maria Latour Landscape #27
  • Rosemary Lee Smile Mona
  • Feng Ling Demolition
  • Krysta Logan Immolation
  • Kathleen McNamee Rebecca’s Dream
  • Ashley Miller Rhett Butler In A Fishbowl
  • Jacob Muldowney Coven
  • Julie O’Connor Beyond The Green Bubble
  • Kenneth Ricci Don’t Mind Me
  • Bill Schahfer Anne’s Ghost / Tea With Mr. Bones
  • Chuck Schroeder Evil Inside / Mad Hatter
  • MJ Seltzer Contagion / Legacy
  • Erik Smith Deep
  • K.K. Sparks The Jennie Wade Nightmare
  • Pamela Stoddard Resting Place
  • Bob Wesley Done With You
  • Ellen West Immigration / Saturn
  • Jane Zich Future Of An Unknown Past / Imagine Us / Negotiating With The Underground


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