Downtown Artist Series

The Northville Art House partners with community organizations and businesses to promote the appreciation of the arts, arts education, and local artists. The Downtown Artist Series has a rotating presentation of work by established and emerging artists inside the  Tuscan Café, located at 141 E Main St. in Downtown Northville. Featured work will be on view in tri-monthly exhibitions and available for purchase through the Northville Art House online Artisan Store. Learn more below about our current artists and Pat Cheal and Kelsey Russell.


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Pat Cheal, Brighton, MI

Lifelong Michigan resident Pat Cheal is a Northville High School graduate. Go Mustangs! 

“I won’t reveal the actual year I graduated, but I will say that when I was in high school, we would take lunch trays and sled down the big hill onto Center Street! That should give you a clue.”

Pat, who studied at the University of Michigan and CCS in Detroit, has been a commercial artist for most of her life. She started her career using pencil, markers, ink, watercolor, airbrush and then became almost totally digital. She currently works as an illustrator for a consulting company in Ohio. In recent years, she felt a growing restlessness as an artist. She wanted to create something that wasn’t made while sitting in front of a computer. That’s when she took up oil painting. 

“My paintings you see [at Tuscan Café] are not about capturing every little detail, every nuance as though my eyes were a camera. I’m much much more about capturing the feeling…the color…the energy of what I see. I’m still evolving as a painter, with every piece. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey!” 

Click above link and purchase work by Pat Cheal.

Kelsey Russell, West Bloomfield, MI

Detroit-based and trained, Kelsey Russell earned her BFA in Product Design with a minor in crafts from the College for Creative Studies in 2015. She specializes in alcohol inks and mixed media outside of her day job as an environmental and experience designer.

Her work focuses on the natural world and the textures that are found through serendipitous encounters. Through gestures held in the ink, she conveys a sense of flow. This, juxtaposed with the stone-like line work, she creates a dynamic between the suspended moment and the ever changing landscape around her.

“While I am a trained artist/designer, I didn’t discover alcohol inks till a couple years ago. I started exploring with inks during the pandemic to find an alternative to painting with more traditional mediums. I needed a change and was craving more texture, more fluidity, and more motion. I found it in ink. Most of my inspiration is from the natural world living somewhere between stone textures and the movement of water. As a kid, I always said I wanted to be a mad scientist for a profession, and I can happily and confidently say I’m honoring that with my process.”

Click above link and purchase work by Kelsey Russell.

Upcoming Artists:

Rose Marie Starke and Kevin Grow

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