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The Emerging Artist Wall offers artists of all ages without significant exhibition experience to present their 2D artwork in a gallery setting. Each exhibition typically runs 7- to 8-weeks and opens with the main gallery exhibition and public reception. Apply today!>>

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May – June: ARTI DHIRAAJ SINGH, “HALF & HALF” SERIES – Northville, Michigan

I create to evolve, to become a better version of me!

My artwork is a fusion of digital line drawings, merged with watercolor, alcohol inks and few other photographic elements, separately done by me.

Experimental by nature, I could never stick to one media. I started as an artist doing oil paintings, watercolor, alcohol inks, encaustics and mixed media. I gradually developed interest in photography and started fusing both my art and photographic elements together to create “Photoart”. I can also do commissioned artwork by taking pictures of clients and superimposing my artwork on it.

I created this series “Half & Half” to depict a few thoughts associated with the image. The way I perceive it: half of me, and half I always wanted to be or what my other half thinks. My desire, one day, is to merge the two halves together or let them coexist and complement each other.

I hope you enjoy my artwork as much I enjoyed creating them!

2021 Emerging Artist Schedule

  • January – February Jessica Woodard, Northville, MI
  • March – April: Chris Dragan, Canton, MI
  • May – June: Arti Dhiraaj Singh, Northville, MI
  • July – August: Tricia Hampo, Ann Arbor