Emerging Artist

 The Emerging Artist Wall offers artists of all ages without significant exhibition experience to present their 2D artwork in a gallery setting. For the 2023 season, the Northville Art House is featuring the artwork of our instructors and their students.

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March 14  – April 15 | Stacy Pearson & Botanical Art Course Students

This month’s exhibition features instructor Stacy Pearson and students from her Botanical Art Course.
Participating artists include Nicole Azzouz, Kristin Conner, Patti Ferra, Joette George, Vasiliki Goulas, Melinda Hallstrom, Sybil Hunter, Jeanne Pylar, and Mary Sieggreen.
Stacy is trained in scientific illustration  with a broadened scope branching into botanical art and advanced drawing. Se has a BFA in scientific illustration from the University of Michigan, MA in Education from University of Oklahoma. Her work incorporates drafting pencils, watercolor, gold, silver, and copper leafing into a variety of papers. She has published artwork in anatomy textbooks, medical journals, Michigan BLUE magazine, Verity Varee Magazine, and Robert Ballard’s book Pieces of Me. Benzinger . She participated in Art Prize ’16 – ’18, 20 & ’22. Stacy lives in Northville and continues selling her work to private collections and exhibiting in galleries around the country. 


The Emerging Artist Wall is dedicated to the memory of Joyce Brown by Loving Friends Joyce & Patricia Wright. The Emerging Artist Series is dedicated to the memory of Artist Laurie Fowler by Loving Friends & Family.

  • Jan 7 – Feb 4: Sasha Roberts-Levi & Students
  • Feb 7- Mar 11: Tricia Hampo & Students
  • Mar 14 – April 15: Stacy Pearson & Students 
  • April 16 – May 6: Marchelle Brotz & Students
  • May 9 – June 3: Nancy Barick & Students
  • June 6 – July 8: Sandra Nursilo & Students

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