Emerging Artist

 The Emerging Artist Wall offers artists of all ages without significant exhibition experience to present their 2D artwork in a gallery setting. For the 2023 season, the Northville Art House is featuring the artwork of our instructors and their students.

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August 29 – September 23:  Maria Latour & Students

This month’s exhibition features instructor Maria Latour and students from the summer camps Mix it Up – Mixed Media Art, Exploring Abstract Art, and OFF the Wall – Painting & Drawing.

Connected from OFF the Wall Camp:Lilian Aragon, Trixie Bonsall, Willia Bonsall, Lucy DiMeo, Amelia Fraas, Emma Fraas, Sawyer Gordon, Sophia Moshref, Addison Nauts, Liam Nuss, & Evelyn Swiecki.
Sea Turtle from Mix-It Up: Jiselle Black, Paige Feusse, Ella Foren, Skyler Hobley, Chloe Levesque, Lucy Mai Park, Visao Pham, Shiloh Roberts, Marisa Rodriguez, Caitlin Schloesser, & Olivia Schreiber.
Part of the Circle from Exploring Abstract Art: Lilian Aragon, Brode DeFrain, Tyler DeFrain, Lucy DiMeo, Annika Kahlon, Girish Karthik Kolapalli, Arjun Malde, Sophia Moshref, Tara Panampully, Graham Tilford, & Haipei Zhang.

Maria Latour has a BA in Art History and a BFA in Fiber Art from the University of Michigan as well as a Master of Fine Art degree from Arizona State University focusing on both fiber and clay. Maria has taught youth and adult students at the Northville Art House since 2015. She is also the lead instructor for the organization’s After School Art program for Northville Public Schools.

“Creating art can be a great confidence booster for kids. I love when students think a project or technique looks too hard but after breaking it down into easy steps, they leave class with artwork they are so proud of.”

—Maria Latour

Maria Latour, Accept is a Verb, mixed media, 29.75″ x 11″, $125


The Emerging Artist Wall is dedicated to the memory of Joyce Brown by Loving Friends Joyce & Patricia Wright. The Emerging Artist Series is dedicated to the memory of Artist Laurie Fowler by Loving Friends & Family.

  • Jan 7 – Feb 4: Sasha Roberts-Levi & Students
  • Feb 7- Mar 11: Tricia Hampo & Students
  • Mar 14 – April 15: Stacy Pearson & Students 
  • April 11 – May 12: Marchelle Brotz & Students
  • May 16 – June 10: Nancy Barick & Students
  • June 13 – July 21: Sandra Nursilo & Students
  • August 29– September 23: Maria Latour & Students
  • Nov 10 – Dec 15: Roselyn Rhodes & Students

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