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 The Emerging Artist Wall offers artists of all ages without significant exhibition experience to present their 2D artwork in a gallery setting. Each exhibition typically runs 7- to 8-weeks and opens with the main gallery exhibition and public reception. Apply today!>>

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Releasing Oneself in Color and Fluidity: Art of Athena Kheibari

Athena Kheibari, a first-generation Iranian-American living in Detroit, MI, nurtures her passion in the arts while working as an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University School of Social Work. She shares a collection of oil-based abstract paintings heavily influenced by prominent artists, such as Gustav Klimt and Pablo Picasso, for their interplay with shapes, colors, and abstract symbolism, as well as her mentors and artists friends.

Athena gained experience in oil and acrylic paintings while taking classes an undergraduate and continues to develop her techniques. In recent years, she began experimenting with mixed-media art – specifically, oil-based, reactive liquid paints on wood panel. This medium allowed her to move away from the pressure of perfectionism in painting and drawing, and towards a more fluid and vibrant form of self-expression that emphasizes and celebrates color. The process of paint pouring provided an opportunity for her to disconnect from the busyness of life and immerse herself in the mesmerizing effect of blending vibrant colors.

Her techniques involve pouring, spattering, and simply drip of liquid paints, and occasionally using dimensional paints that dry to form thick outlines and borders within the painting. Though she is purposeful in the selection of colors, the process of creating these paintings also involves a degree of relinquishing control as the paints take on their own effects and evolve as they dry. Her enjoyment in producing this type of art comes predominately from observing how the paints morph and interact in the moment – rather than on the final product.

Athena aims to create paintings that not only produce a dynamic and engaging image when view from a distance, but to also draw the viewer’s attention to the small details and patterns within the painting. This dramatic effect pulls the viewer “into” the painting and evokes an emotional response. While her initial interest in producing these works was soley for personal enjoyment and relaxation, she now wishes to distribute her work to others as a way to share her passion.

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2022 Emerging Artist Schedule

  • January 14 – March 12: Athena Kheibari, Detroit, MI, 
  • March 15 – May 7: TBD
  • May 10 – June 30: TBD
  • July 5 – August 27: TBD
  • August 30 – October 29: TBD