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 The Emerging Artist Wall offers artists of all ages without significant exhibition experience to present their 2D artwork in a gallery setting. Each exhibition typically runs 7- to 8-weeks and opens with the main gallery exhibition and public reception. Apply today!>>

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Mike Kolbow, Northville, MI

Raised in Fenton, Michigan, Mike Kolbow has resided in Northville, Michigan since 1984. He and his bride Myra (married in 1982) met at Central Michigan University in the late 1970’s and raised two active boys. Mike was a Certified Public Accountant and Fraud Examiner. He traveled extensively in his 35 years at The Taubman Company. At work and in his photography, Mike sought unique perspectives.

A self-taught photographer, Mike started taking photos of his kids at home and then progressed to their following their activities on the local golf courses, soccer fields, basketball courts, tracks, and cross-country courses. The photography hook was firmly set.

After the boys moved on to Michigan State (Mike is still a Wolverine fan), Mike and Myra began traveling more throughout the USA and Europe. Mike’s work took him throughout the USA and to Hong Kong, mainland China and Seoul. Not one to sleep a lot or sit in a hotel room, Mike’s camera got a workout on his vacations and business trips.

You don’t want to travel with Mike unless you like waiting for him to capture “one last pic.”

Now retired, Mike enjoys playing with his three granddaughters, practicing yoga, grilling for friends and family, and meticulously planning that next trip.

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