Past Exhibitions

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August 29 – September 23: West of Center: All-Media Exhibition

In its 15th year, West of Center  highlighted 54 artworks by 42 artists created in any media, style and theme and selected by juror mosaic arts and Kresge Arts Fellowship recipient Darcel Deneau. Artists included Jean-Paul Aboudib, Tobi Abrams, Suzanne Allen, Linda Aulicino, Sylvia Bandyke, Keith Beale (HM), Gail Borowski(1st), Marchelle Brotz, Winnie Chrzanowski, Pamela Day, Paula Doe, Tia Sunshine Dye, Ellie Foster, Katherine Frajbis, Tricia Hampo, Steven Hauptman(3rd), Claudia Hershman, Nancy Janosi (2nd), Peggy Kerwan, WanChuan Kesler, Linda Klenczar, Janet Kohler, Maria Latour, Rosemary Lee (HM), Brant MacLean, Kathleen McNamee, Michael Nowotny, Cheryl Phillips, Kimberly Raboin, Celeste Roe, Dean Rogers, Gayle Sanchirico, Chuck Schroeder(4th), Fran Seikaly, Carl Sperber, Rose Starke(HM), Sandra Steed, Penelope Trikes, Pat Vartanian, Janice Wilkiemeyer (HM), and Lori Zurvalec.

May 19 – June 18: Wayfarer: Plein-Air Paintings by Alex Gilford

Wayfarer consisted of 36 plein air oil paintings by Detroit artist Alex Gilford capturing the Lake Huron Watershed, Lake Erie Watershed, and his experience working as a Park Ranger at Uinta-Wasatch Cache National Forest as well as his stewardship residencies with Arc of Appalachia at Appalachian Forest, Friends of the Porkies at Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, and with the Friends of the Detroit River.

May 19 – June 18 | A Day in the Park: Images of Michigan State Parks

Showcased 40 photographs, paintings, and mixed media artworks by 28 artists depicting the natural beauty of Michigan State Parks and Recreation Areas as well as Huron-Clinton MetroParks in Southeast Michigan. Visitors had an opportunity to select their favorite artworks with the following most recognized artists receiving awards: Garth Glazier, Winnie Chrzanowski, Brant MacLean, Marianne Droste, & Kacey Bernard.

Light and Color celebrated 51 artworks created 23 pastel artists from around the country selected by plein air oil and pastel painter Jill Stefani Wagner, PSA-MP, IAPS/MC. Artists included Melinda Ashby(2nd), Margo Berke, Marchelle Brotz, Ann Cleary, Christina Czaja, Renee Dempsey, Richard Franz, Vicki Goulas, Catherine Hetherington (HM), Kathy Hough (HM), JoAnn Kennedy (HM), Linda Klenczar (HM), Nancy Knapp, Janet Kohler(1st), Melanie Minnix, Linda Pelowski(4th), Constance Sanocki, Linda Shepard(3rd), Rose Starke, Sandy Steed, Debbie Toth, and Lisa Williams.

March 21 – April 1: NHS IB Art Exhibition 

This exhibition features artwork created by 28 students enrolled in Northville High School’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Art experience. The students install a selection of their best works in the Art House gallery, each with thoughtfully written object labels. In the program, students developed problem-solving skills and proficiency as artists by exploring and experimenting in a variety of contemporary practices and media. Learn more about the NHS IB Program.

March 21 – April 1:  NPS Student Virtual Art Exhibition

First held in 1999, this year’s Northville Public Schools Student Virtual Art Exhibition features 21 artworks by 12 artists in Grades 9 – 12 from Northville High School. Each artist will be recognized for their creative work through a virtual reception.

February 14 – March 11 | Members’ Annual Exhibition

The Northville Art House was proud to present the 17th edition of our Members’ Annual Exhibition, a wonderful visual presentation of art created by 90 member artists. Our artistshave a profound impact in the Metro Detroit communities and beyond. They inspire people tosee the world in new ways, to think about things in different ways, and to feel emotions thatthey might not have felt before. We invite you to come together to the celebrate their creativity and contributions to the community.

January 7 – February 4: First Impressions: A Collaboration of Printmakers

Rosemary Lee and Celeste Roe have been working together for over twenty years. Their experiences as friends and printmakers have brought them many productive achievements. In addition to the work, they have formed social bonds that have proven especially enriching in the past few years. Rosemary and Celeste invite viewers to appreciate the range of visual techniques and beautiful results that printmakers can achieve. Sometimes, it is hard to describe exactly what a “print” is. First Impressions presented many aspects of this visual artwork.



November 12 -December 17: Small Works Juried All-Media Exhibition

This year’s Small Works exhibition showcased 150 works on a diminutive scale by 75 artists. Limited to 16 inches in any direction, the artwork ranges from 2D collage, paintings, photography, and traditional prints to 3D ceramics, fused glass, mixed media works, stoneware, and metalwork. The exhibition is always a great opportunity for visitors to find original art and gifts to love for the holidays! Award Winners included: Richard Onica (1), Susan Perrish (2), WanChuan Kesler (3), Angela Larson (4), Bob Perrish(HM), Allen Brooks (HM), Dale Alcocer (HM), Lynda Morris Pietka (HM), Marchelle Brotz (HM), Kevin Grow (HM), and Constance Sanocki (VCA).


October 1 – 29 OPENING UP: Detroit Society of Women Painters & Sculptors

The Detroit Society of Women Painters & Sculptors (DSWPS) has played an essential role in promoting women artists and cultivating the arts since 1903. This inspiring exhibition featured 50 artworks by 30 current members opening up and exhibiting together for the first time after the challenges of the past few years. The work is juried by Metro Detroit artist and instructor Clinton Snider.  


August 30 – September 24: WEST OF CENTER: Art that Pushes Boundaries

Now in its 14th year, West of Center, juried by sculptor, exhibiting artist, and art history and studio instructor Sergio de Giusti, featured 50 works in all media created by 40 artists from Michigan and around the country.

Accepted Artists: (1) Jean-Paul Aboudib, Sylvia Bandyke, Zoe Beaudry, Danna Bowersox, Susan Clinthorne, Paula Doe, Marianne Droste, Robert du Nord, Daria Fileta, Tricia Hampo, (HM) Claudia Hershman, Michael Jogerst, Peggy Kerwan, Jennifer Kesler, (4) WanChuan Kesler, Beverly Koivunen, (HM) Rosemary Lee, Andrew Marcus, (3) Kathleen McNamee, Christine Miller, George Miller, Lynn Edwards Newman, Jane Reed, Jim Rehlin, (HM) Celeste Roe, Dean Rogers, Denise Rohde, (HM) Gayle Sanchirico, (HM) Bill Schahfer, Brenda Beene Shackleford, K.K. Sparks. Sandra Steed, Pamela Stoddard, (VCA) Pat Vartanian, Janis Walker, Bob Wesley, Lee Williams, Bob Wollenhaupt, Jes Zilla, and (2) Lori Zurvalec.

July 22 – August 20: CITY OF NORTHVILLE: Plein Air Paint Out & Exhibition

The public watched artists capture en plein air (outdoors) the City of Northville at locations throughout town during the Plein Air Paint Out, July 22 – 24. The completed artworks, depictinghistoric buildings, Victorian-era architecture, intriguing landmarks, and scenic parks, were on view in the Plein Air Exhibition, July 30 – August 20.

The participating artists include: Sandra Ackerman, Nellie Adawi, Rana Awdish, Barbara Baker, Candace Brancik(3rd), Pat Cheal(HM), Mary Beth Damiano, Kevin Grow, Sara Hadley, Heiner Hertling (2nd), Jim Karell, Janet Kohler(HM), Janisse Lahti Larsson(1st), Brant MacLean, John Nagridge, Richard Onica(4th), Tamera Ovall, Saritha Palakonda, Linda Pelowski(HM), Robert Perrish, Susan Perrish, Tim Porter, James Rodriguez, Pam Siegfried, Cornelis vanSpronsen, and John Vassallo.

June 3 – 30: Healing Arts: Rana Awdish, MD & Friends

Rana Awdish began painting while incapacitated after a life-threatening illness. Through the creative process she developed a visual language to express her thoughts and emotions. Her work, complemented by expressions from photographer and musician Misty Lyn Bergeron and physician Jacqueline Pflaum-Carlson, MD, reveals her experience both as a caregiver as well as a patient.

Healing Arts invited viewers to contemplate their own feelings and perceptions as well as discover the ability of art to communicate, inspire, and heal.

April 22 – May 21: Jessica Waterstradt: Illustrations from The Oak & The Acorn

Featured 15 watercolor illustrations as well as reproductions and related materials for sale by Northville native Jessica (Accardo) Waterstradt selected from the book The Oak & The Acorn.  The book, written by her mother, Rhonda Accardo, tells the story of a young girl, her mother, and their love of an old oak tree. Jessica received an illustration degree from Grand Valley State University, and Rhone works as a nurse. With beautiful watercolor illustrations, Jessica brings her mother’s words to life with intricate detail. Book signing and gallery talk presented at the opening reception.

April 22 – May 21: Go With the Flow: Juried Alcohol Ink Exhibition

Go With the Flowfeatured 10 artists from around the country who applied alcohol ink to ceramic tiles, metal, synthetic paper, and other nonporous materials. Juried by artist and instructor Julie Woodard, the work revealed the vibrancy and uniqueness of this fluid painting medium. Artists included: Danna Bowersox, Marianne Droste, Daria Fileta (HM), Stephanie Gregg (1st), Peggy Kerwan (4th), Sonali Mohanty, Kelsey Sauerwein (3rd), Penelope Trikes (2nd), Bob Wesley (HM), and Nina Yocom. Awards presentation.


March 22 – April 9: NPS Student Virtual Art Exhibition

First held in 1999, the Northville Public Schools Student Virtual Art Exhibition is open to young artists in Grades 6 – 12 from the local community. This year the exhibition was presented online with 31 artists submitting 51 works. Each artist was recognized for their creative work with prizes awarded to the top 3 as determined by the Northville Art House Exhibition Committee. Thank you to the teachers, parents, guardians and sponsors who help make this celebration of our young artists possible.


March 22 – April 9: NHS Student IB Art Exhibition

This exhibition featured more than 150 works 19 students from Northville High School’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Art experience. The students  presented a selection of their best work in the form of a curated final show, and articulated their purpose and intention in a written rationale. In the program, students developed problem-solving skills and proficiency as artists by exploring and experimenting in a variety of contemporary practices and media. Learn more the NHS IB Program.


February 18 – March 19: Annual Members’ Exhibition

 The Members’ Exhibition is the organization’s oldest non-juried show. The first took place shortly after the establishment of the Art House in 2005 and has grown in popularity. This year, the exhibition showcased original artwork by 73 artists created in a variety of media and styles. The public was invited to be a part of the celebration by selecting their favorite artworks through the Members’ Choice Awards. The top 5 artists who receive the most recognition were Chuck Schroeder, WanChuan Kesler, Jes Zilla, Linda Aucilino, and Betsy Marsh.


January 14 – February 12: Mosaic Evolution

Since ancient times, mosaics have been a popular art form. Traditionally made of meticulously arranged stone or colored glass, today’s artists reveal unique approaches and ideas when it comes to materials, applications, and techniques. Mosaic Evolution celebrated the vibrancy of the Michigan mosaic community through this eye-catching exhibition.



November 12 – December 18: SMALL WORKS: Juried All-Media Exhibition Showcased over 150 works on a diminutive scale by 67 artists. Limited to 16 inches in any direction, the artwork ranges from two-dimensional collage, paintings, photography, and traditional prints to three-dimensional ceramics, fused glass, stoneware, and metalwork. Awards: 1-Barbara Baker, 2-Mary Vertrees, 3-Adriana Fallas, 4-Karen VanDam Michmerhuizen, HM-Nobuk0 Yamasaki, Kathleen Fish Gilbert, David Linabury, Sara Slee Brown, Virginia Wait, & WanChuan Kesler.

October 1 – 30: VISUALIQUOR: Paintings & Illustrations by Jeff Von Buskirk

Jeff Von Buskirk is an established artist from Metro Detroit. He is currently doing cover art and pin-ups for comics including Staunch Ambition, and Big Blue Comics and focusing on his own graphic novel, commissions, and fine art pieces. His past illustration work has appeared in fashion magazines, apps, and video games. His traditional artwork has been installed in venues worldwide including Marriot Hotels and Sotheby’s and featured in shows and museums such as MOCAD. His mural work includes a nationally registered 911 memorial located on the rear façade of Northville’s Marquis Theatre.

October 5 – 30: Urban Landscapes: Photographs & Paintings of City Architecture & its Environs 

The exhibition presented 50 visual interpretations of the urban environment from painter Dale Alcocer of Wixom and photographers Lawrence Hamilton of Wixom, Bill Schahfer of Royal, and J.Gordon Rodwan of Detroit. 



September 1 – 30: Northville’s Old Glory: Mural & Ephemera by Jeff Von Buskirk 

Northville artist Jeff Von Buskirk shared his memorabilia and artwork related to the iconic 30′ x 45′ mural of the U.S. flag painted on the wall of the Marquis Theatre in downtown Northville.  Titled with the words, “America United September 11, 2001,” the community was invited to come together to learn the story of the flag, celebrate this iconic artwork, and reflect on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. 


September 1 – 25: West of Center: Art that Pushes Boundaries 

West of Center, presented in the gallery and virtually, featured 50 works in all-media by 35 artists who built upon artistic tradition and embrace new experiments in fine art. Artists were encouraged to push the boundaries of art imagery and practices, such as those set by traditional techniques, materials, concepts, genre, personal, societal etc. Juried by Tara Welch, the exhibition winners were: 1st-Lynn Edwards Newman, 2nd-Rosemary Lee, 3rd-M.J. Seltzer, 4th-Sylvia Bandyk & HMs Winnie Chrzanowski, Tricia Hampo, Steph Joy Hogan, & Jane Zich.


July 31 – August 21: Maybury State Park Juried Plein-Air Exhibition

The Northville Art House, in partnership with Maybury State Park and the Friends of Maybury, invited 18 artists to capture the natural outdoor beauty of the Maybury State Park. Artists created 50 works at the MSP Paint-Out between July 23 – 25 to be presented in the MSP Plein-Air Exhibition from July 31 – August 21. Prizes totaling $1000, were selected by juror Valerie Allen and included Purchase Prize by the Friends of Maybury to be placed in the parks new headquarters. Winners: Robert Perrish (Livonia), Cornelis vanSpronsen (Canton), Janet Kohler, Sharon Sunday (Jackson), Sandra Nursilo (Novi), Betsy Marsh (Shelby Twp), and Sara Hadley (Novi).

July 9 – 24: Emotionally Yours: Photographs by Dr. William S. Demray

The Northville Art House premiered the Hometown Artist Series, showcasing artists from Northville and neighboring communities, with the exhibition, Emotionally Yours: Photographs of Dr. William S. Demray. William Demray, a family dentist, certified private pilot and avid photographer, who has lived and worked in downtown Northville for over 40 years, shared 50 photographs taken on his journeys around the world. His exhibition open with the first Live @ 5 reception featuring an Artist Talk by Dr. William S. Demray and Music by Vincent York of Vincent York’s JAZZistry.
June 4 – 26: Home and Away: The Paintings of Karen VanDam Michmerhuizen & Pamela Day

This exhibition captured the beauty of nature through paintings of Michigan’s distinct​ ​seasons​ ​and ​Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny, France​ by Karen VanDam Michmerhuizen and Pamela Day, respectively. Karen paints outdoors applying oil and cold-wax to canvas with a brush and palette knife. Her plein-air landscapes capture the light, colors, and shapes she admired as a child, drawing viewers into their natural settings. Pamela paints with gouache to capture detailed and expressive views of the flora and foliage of a giant Gunnera in her Giverny in Spring series. Each painting revealed a new stage with a variety of textures, shades of natural colors, and reflections of light in Pamela’s signature “stylized-realism” approach.

April 28 – May 22: IN BLOOM: A Fresh Look at Flowers in Art 

In Bloom featured four contemporary women artists—Denise Cassidy Wood, Sandy Dekker, Maria Latour, and Shadia Derbyshire—who capture the beauty and vibrancy of flowers with their own distinctive style. Denise enjoys the versatility of acrylic paint and the opportunity it provides to integrate mixed media to create bold, vibrant flowers. Sandy combines printed fabrics of her floral photographs with free motion quiliting to create beautifully textured quilts. Maria combines textiles with encaustics to construct her floral pieces. Shadia works primarily in acrylics and collage with found papers to “paint” dynamic and colorful floral pieces with unique pattern and texture.

March 23 – April 14: NHS IB Art Exhibition & NPS Virtual Art Exhibition

The NHS IB Art Exhibition is a culmination of the annual International Baccalaureate Art program at Northville High School. In the program, students explore skills, techniques, processes, and vocabulary which they use to pursue an in-depth investigation of art and this self-curated group exhibition. In the exhibition, 19 students will present a selection of their best work and communicate their purpose in a written rationale at the Northville Art House.

First held in 1999, the NPS Virtual Art Exhibition is held annually to promote the appreciation and importance of arts education. This year the Art House celebrates the spirit of creativity online through the work of students in Grades 6 – 12 from Northville Public Schools. Awards: (1) Hamin Park, (2) Laya and (3) Rocco Morales

February 17 – March 13: 15th ANNUAL MEMBERS’ EXHIBITION

Whether a young artist or a student, an emerging artist or a professional, the Northville Art House appreciated the opportunity to showcase the creative talents of 82 current member artists who provide the community with joy, interaction, and inspiration through the Annual Members’ Exhibition. We invited all of our members to recognize the extraordinary work of our members through our Members’ Choice Awards. Award recipients included Dale Alcocer, Lawrence Hamilton, Stacy Pearson, Leah Kucharek, and Donald Cronkhite.



Shear Madness showcased the amazing possibilities of collage through 62 works of art assembled by 60 artists from the United States, Canada, and Switzerland. Brought together by exhibition juror Edee Joppich NCS, ISEA, the featured work has been composed by arranging and affixing different and sometimes unlikely materials to a surface. Each artist has employed an individualistic approach to this highly versatile and accessible medium to create a design, tell a story, or express an idea or emotion. Shear Madness invited the viewer to discover, reflect, and imagine along with the participating national and international artists who have embraced the history of collage and demonstrated the medium’s vast potential for experimentation. Winners:1. Rose Starke, 2. Maria Latour, 3. Ajean Ryan, 4. Gayle Sanchirico, HM: Velinka Cucuz,  Cheryl Dawdy, Daria Fileta, Karen Gallup, Steph Joy Hogan, Christy Kelly-Bentgen, Rosemary Lee, Monika Meler, Kenneth Ricci, and Pat Vartanian. 


November 11 – December 12: SMALL WORKS Juried All Media Exhibition

Small Works featured over 160 works by national and international artists. Limited to 16 inches in any direction, the work ranged from two-dimensional drawings, paintings, photography, and traditional prints to three-dimensional ceramics, fused glass, metalwork and textiles. All works were for sale and priced to be perfect holiday gifts that will have everyone feeling festive. Award Winners: 1st – Pat Cheal, Boat Ablaze, oil,  2nd- Noboku Yamasaki, Red Thread, woodblock, 3rd-Peter Acomb, Shared Experience, oil, 4th – Susan Mankowski, Waves, ceramic, HM -Janice Wilkiemeyer, Sleepy Teapot, ceramic, HM -Lawrence Hamilton, Cityscape, digital photography, HM -Allen Brooks, Oscar, photography, HM – Jim Karell, Heritage Park Barn, oil, HM – Sandra Ackerman, Moonrise, oil, and HM Sara Slee Brown, White Barn, digital photography collaged onto canvas.

 October 7 – 31: Kaleidoscope City | Darcel Deneau

Detroit artist Darcel Deneau shared a body of work that reflected the degradation and renewal of the city of Detroit. Using found glass and objects, she transforms the detritus into beautiful mosaic urban landscapes. After Darcel earned a BFA from the College for Creative Studies, Darcel gained a notable reputation for her Detroit landscapes and received many commissions, including a large mural for Garage Restaurant and Fuel Bar in Northville. In the last few years, Darcel has transitioned to painting with broken glass, rusted metal, and other odd items. Her mosaic landscapes symbolize transformation, and, like the revitalization of Detroit, reveal that a slight shift in perspective can create dramatic change and amazing beauty.

September 2 – 26: West of Center: Juried All-Media Exhibition

West of Center featured 45 works by 29 artists from Michigan and around the country. The work, selected by acclaimed automobile painter Tom Hale, revealed each artist’s creative effort to build on artistic tradition and embrace new experiments in the visual arts. Winners: Kalee Appleton -Sunset Falls I (Fort Worth, TX)(HM),  Beverly Koivunen- Sunday Snooze (South Lyon)(2nd), Michael Nowotny -Beautiful (Milwaukee, WI)(3rd), Dean Rogers -Speed Demon (Commerce Twp.)(1st), Bob Wesley -Montisserat (Walled Lake)(HM), Danna Wolke-Bowersox-Passages (Northville)(HM), Lori Zurvalec, A Passion Put to Use (Grosse Pointe)(4th).

August 1 – 22: Dreams & Nightmares: Juried All Media Exhibition

Dreams and nightmares have long been a part of creative imagination and expression. Following the curiosity of ancient philosophers, artists, particularly from the 16th Century to the present, turned their attention to the subject of dreams. This exhibition highlighted 40 works inspired by the thoughts, images, emotions and sensations experienced in the mind of 29 of today’s artist and selected by artist, photographer and juror Denise Rhode of Ann Arbor, MI. Awards winners: K.K. Sparks (1), Denise Carter (2), MJ Seltzer (3), Chuck Schroeder (4), Daniel Geanes (HM) & Jane Zich (HM).

April 1 – 30: The 20th Annual NHS Student Art Exhibition

First held in 1999, this exhibition featured art created by young artists in the local community. Originally scheduled for the Art House gallery, the exhibition recognized the talents of 19 student artists from Northville High School through 31 works of art in a virtual exhibition. Each participant received an award with top honors going to Senior Geon Park for Jazz Improvisation.


March 6 – May 23: Annual Members’ Exhibition

Held in appreciation of members, this annual exhibition showcased the talents of our current member artists through 90 original works of art created in a variety of media and styles and view in the gallery and online .



February 7 – 29: Black & White: Juried All Media Exhibition

Black and White showcased the power and range of monochromatic works that comprise of only blacks, grays, and whites through 56 works by the 45 artists selected by artist, architect, and juror Donn Angel Pérez.

Award winners: Denise Rohde (1st), Dale Alcocer (2nd), Julie Varner (3rd), Lori Zurvalec (4th), Maria Latour (HM), Kelly O’Neill (HM), Tasha Peace (HM), and M.J. Seltzer (HM).

January 3 – February 1: RE-IMAGINING PRINTMAKING: Kath Frajbis & Dennis Gordon

Kath Frajbis and Dennis Gordon delve into a variety of new and traditional printmaking methods to develop exciting and intriguing prints. Frajbis’ work features rich colors and textural surfaces. She often combines lino etching and collagraph techniques with a variety of metals and materials to build intaglio prints that resemble sculptural works of art. Gordon’s work reveals strong lines and vibrant intensity. Utilizing a laser to help create the woodcut, he is able to produce startling detail and linework. His woodcuts are then inked and printed on a variety of colored backgrounds



Highlighted original works of art created in a variety of media including drawing, painting, printmaking, fiber, mixed media and more by kids, teens and adults participating in Fall Classes at the Northville Art House.


NOVEMBER 1 – 30: The SMALL WORKS Juried All Media Exhibition

Showcased 140 contemporary artworks by 60 artists on a diminutive scale in all types of media including painting, drawing, ceramics, metalwork, photography, mixed media and more. All work was for sale, the majority under $300, making them perfect holiday gifts. Award Winners: 1st Dana Schildkraut, 2nd John Aquilino, 3rd Linda Pelowski, 4th Thomas Stanford, and Honorable Mentions, Robert Perrish, Trish Zimbalatti, Eric Kesler and Debra Schaumberg.

OCTOBER 4 – 26:  POSE: Portrait and the Costumed Figure

Featured portraits and figurative work created in graphite, mixed-media, oil and pastel by 12 female artists. Each artist captures the likeness of an individual through impressionistic, realistic or other distinct style. Portraits reveal the beauty, virtue, mood and various qualities of the sitter while figurative representations tell unique, narrative stories about the costumed model. The artists included Susan Perrish, Mary Step, Sara Hadley, Kathleen McNamee, Kathleen Connell, Kathleen Boettcher, Candace Brancik, Jayne Brophy, Janet Kondziela, Nina Ashraf Asmi, Lynn Newman, and Rose Rhodes.

SEPTEMBER 6 – 28: West of Center: Art that Pushes Boundaries

-The 11th annual exhibition showcased over 60 works by 35 artists. Detroit artist and juror Tony Roko made selections based on art and artists that pushed the boundaries of art imagery, practices, and theory. Boundaries include those set by traditional concepts, art history, genre, subject matter, personal experiences, and societal norms. Artists were also encouraged to explore and employ new techniques, technologies, and media to create compelling two-and three-dimensional artworks.

August 2 – 24: MARKED: The Art, Body, & Soul of the Tattoo Artist

This exhibition featured 17 artists from four Metro Detroit tattoo and art studios each with their own individual style and body of work influenced by the tattoo culture. Work included illustrations, mixed-media, paintings, pyrography, sculpture, and more. Artists includes: John Andres of Dark Sky Tattoo, Ferndale; Josh Barg and Keith Opalinski of Electric Parks Tattoo, Detroit; Joey Gonyea, Dennis Halbritter, TJ Hodge, Brook Jacoby, Corey Lewis, Andrew PK, Kyle Pryce, Cheryl Tash, and Trent Thompson of Eternal Tattoos Inc., Livonia; Bill Crawford and Ginny Neumann of Grand Boulevard Tattoo Company, Detroit; and Aura Dalian, Aaron Ruby and  Jay Wheeler of  North Main Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery, Plymouth.

JUNE 7 – 29: RURAL CHARM: Michigan Landscapes by Alan Maciag and Tom Tomasek

This exhibition features plein air and studio oil and pastel compositions by two Michigan artists highlighting the rural landscapes of Michigan. Tom Tomasek’s pastel compositions depicting Michigan landscapes and nature are known for highlighting the interactions between land, sky, water and light. Alan Maciag’s oil landscapes strike a balance between form, distance, color and content, creating a sense of calm and bucolic reverence for the rural heritage of Michigan, the wonderland of its vacation lakes, or the sanctuary within a garden or public place.


MAY 3 – JUNE 1: FINE POINT: Juried Colored Pencil Exhibition

This exhibition, sponsored by John Goci of eXp Realty, showcased the beauty, richness, and versatility of colored pencil through 44 works and 25 artists selected by juror Barbara Goodsitt. The artists included: Emily Adelman, Fay Akers, Andrea Arbit(HM), Denise Bickel, Marchelle Brotz, Mary Byrne, Tracey Chaykin, Travis Erby (3rd), Jan Fleming(HM), Brandy Gerber, Sophie Grillet, Jim Grogan, Angela Helt, Tina Hotchkiss, Linda James, Karen Landrigan, Suzanne Lienhart, Melinda McMonagle(4th), Christine B. Miller, Dean Rogers (1st), Lynne Schaffer (2nd), Jennifer Stefanek, Gretchen Vandenberghe, Virginia Wait, and Nancy Warner(HM).

APRIL 23 – 26: National PTA Reflections – Northville Public Schools

The Northville Art House presented the artwork of student finalists and winners from Northville Public Schools who participated in the 2018-2019 National PTA’s Reflections program. The students, K through 12thgrade, submitted completed works of art based on the theme, Heroes Around Me, in the one or more areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and the visual arts.

MARCH 25 – APRIL 17: NHS Students’ International Baccalaureate Art Exhibition  

A presentation of work by 23 students from Northville High School’s International Baccalaureate (IB) visual art program. In the program, students developed problem-solving skills and proficiency as artists by exploring and experimenting in a variety of contemporary practices and media. Image designed by Naia Hunt.


MARCH 1 – 23: The 13th Annual Members’ Exhibition

Held in appreciation of members, this exhibition showcased the talents of over 60 current member artists through original works of art created in a variety of media and styles. See our Current Members.


FEBRUARY 1 – 23: NATURAL FORMS: Works by Ann Kelly Caldwell, Fran Wolok, and Nora Venturelli

This exhibition featured figurative and landscape drawings and paintings inspired by human dynamics, animal forms, and natural scenery. Ann Kelly captured human and natural subjects using charcoal, pastel, and watercolor. Her work reflected the appreciation of nature’s fleeting design whether found in a distinguished facial expression or a play of light across a river. Nora Venturelli is captivated by human dynamics — how people move, communicate, interact, and present themselves. Her mixed media paintings revealed the layers and intricacies of the human form as well as human character. Fran Wolok captured the transient effects of light and color on natural forms. She added calligraphic brushstrokes to depict nature’s subtleties and tweaks the composition to guide the viewers’ eye in and around her acrylic and oil landscapes.

JANUARY 4 – 26: TEXTILE GEOMETRY: Compositions by Katie McGrath and Kathryn Schmidt

Geometric shapes are the building blocks of fascinating textile construction.  This exhibit featured work by Michigan artists Katie McGrath and Kathryn Schmidt which emphasized the use of color in fabric choices and thread embellishments for surface design. The work was designed to appeal from a distance and draw the viewer in to enjoy the intricate details.


December 7 – 15 : Painting with Parkinson’s – A Retrospective Exhibition

Co-curated by Instructor and Educational Therapist, Sasha Roberts-Levi, this exhibition featured the creative expressions of 9 adult student artists with Parkinson’s disease. A collection of paintings produced in vibrant acrylic colors depicting various subject matter were on view. Famous artists with Parkinson’s include Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet.


November 2 – December 15 : TransFORM: Contemporary Works in Ceramics, Glass and MetalThis exhibition featured the innovated expressions of six Metro Detroit artists ­­­­— Herb Babcock, John Beckman, Pamela Day, Ray Katz, John Albert Murphy and Ann Smith. Working primarily in clay, glass, and metal, each artist has transformed their media into compelling decorative works of art.

October 5 – 27: PATTERNS + SYMBOLS: The Art of Hiroko Lancour 

PATTERNS + SYMBOLS featured hand-dyed fabrics, ink drawings, acrylic paintings and paper weavings by Hiroko Lancour. Born and raised in Japan, Royal Oak artist Hiroko shared a body of mixed media work with repetitive motifs and underlying symbolism. Visitors to the exhibition learned more about the work through a unique interactive drawing where chance dictates the outcome.

September 7 – 29: WEST OF CENTER: Juried All-Media Exhibition

In its tenth year, West of Center presented compelling works of art created by artists nationwide and selected by exhibition juror Jeff Cancelosi. The works revealed a fresh approach to traditional art forms through the use of interesting techniques, unique concepts, and striking imagery.Award winners included: 1st: E.J. Cobb, 2nd: Took Gallagher, 3rd: Sarah George, 4: Gail Borowski, Honorable Mention: Christine B. Miller and Janis Walker.

August 3 – 25: HOUSE OF WAX: Juried Encaustic Competition

The competition featured artists nationwide who demonstrated the visual possibilities of working with cold wax and encaustic. The works selected by  juror Candace Law revealed the inherent qualities of the media such as depth, texture and luminosity, as well as the unique style of the artists. Awards winners included 1st: Maria Latour, Winnie Chrzanowski, 2nd: Jason Merriman, 3rd: Ruth Warnock, 4th: Paula Zammit, Honorable Mention: Jennifer Stefanek and Lisa Wight.

June 1 – June 30: THE END OF NOWHERE: Stories and Photographs by Thomas Pickarski

New York artist Thomas Pickarski holds a BFA and MFA from Arizona State University. Each summer he travels alone on month-long journeys equipped with a few supplies, a little tent, and a pocket camera. In this narrative and photographic journey, Pickarski shared his explorations of the natural landscape of Iceland, Greenland and Patagonia and more, through lighthearted storytelling and 32 dramatic black and white photographs.

May 22 – 25: National PTA Reflections – Northville’s Finalists and Award Winners

-Each year, the National PTA offers local, regional, state, and national opportunities for young artists to be recognized for their creativity. Join us as we present Northville’s best in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and the visual arts. The 2017-18 theme was “Within Reach.”


May 4 – 19: The 19th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

This annual exhibition presented two- and three-dimensional works created by over 60 students from Meads Mill, Hillside, Our Lady of Victory Catholic School and Novi Middle Schools and Northville and John Glenn High Schools.

The exhibit aims to promote the appreciation and importance of art in schools as well as demonstrate to students the experience needed to work as art professionals or pursue degrees in the fine arts. We thank our community for supporting the talents and creative interests of students.

April 6 – 28: The Art of the Family: Donald, Robert, Susan and William Perrish

Art of the Family featured paintings and sculptures from a family of award-winning artists. The exhibition answered the age-old question of nature versus nurture by demonstrating the existence of both innate talent and learned skills in shaping the artist. Regardless of their beginnings and how their artistry is expressed, one common trait among each artist is a sense of passion for art.

March 27 – 29: Northville High School International Baccalaureate

This final exhibition was the culmination of the students’ IB Art experience. The students from Northville High School present a selection of their best work in the form of a curated final show, and defend and articulate their purpose and intention in a written rationale.

“The visual arts are an integral part of everyday life, permeating all levels of human creativity, expression, communication and understanding (”

March 2 – 24: The 12th Annual Members’ Exhibition

The Annual Members’ Exhibition is held in appreciation of members who have generously supported the growth and creativity of the organization and arts in the community over the past year. This exhibition showcased the talents of 57 current member artists through original works of art created in a variety of media and styles.

In 2017, our members contributed over 100 works to Art House exhibitions, participated in numerous classes, workshops and camps, and instructed over 750 artists of all ages and skill levels through in-house and outreach programs.

February 2 – 24: POW! Juried Comic Art Exhibition

Comic art for this exhibition was defined as an image or series of images, displayed together and combined with text, to tell a story. For many of the participating artists, comic art also functioned as an avenue for visual experimentation and a mode of self-expression.

POW! featured 38 works of comic, or comic-inspired, art created by 22 artists, selected by our juror, James Anderson, creator of the comic strip Ellie On Planet X. Winners: Kayleigh Fogle (1), Emily Zelasko (2), Shayauna Glover (3), & Joanne Cook (HM).

January 5 – 27: Contagious Curiosity: Todd Burroughs with Students & Instructors from the Atelier

This exhibition featured 23 works by Metro Detroit artists including Todd Burroughs, Patrice Lockwood, Fran Seikaly, John Carlson, Karen Bobier, Martin Brill, Beth Cox, Amy Foster, Clinton Snider, Golsa Yaghoobi, Claudia Selene, Vincent Cervantez, Kristin Carey, Sophie Linden, Elizabeth Hungerman, Joe Kay, and Jessica Hosmer. Each work revealed classical techniques developed in European ateliers during the 18th Century. Artists who are well known for using this approach include Sir Henry Raeburn, Charles Bargue, and John Singer Sargent.

Emerging Artist Wall

January 5 – February 24: Ink and Watercolor Drawings by Jennifer Kesler


November 3 – December 16: Small Works Juried All Media Exhibition

The biennial Small Works exhibition featured over 150 works by 55 artists from Michigan and around the country. The exhibition included photography, paintings, ceramics, fibers, jewelry, and more. All works are for sale and measure 12 inches or less in all dimensions. The majority of art was on sale for under $300, making them perfect holiday gifts. Awards Winners: (1)Candace Brancik, (2)Kathy Forzley, (3)David Breuch, (HM) Zach Pool, and (PP) Irina Bondarenko.


September 1 – October 28: The 9th Annual West of Center Juried All-Media Exhibition

In a nod to our location, as well as our philosophy of bringing the community something unexpected, West of Center is an annual effort to showcase contemporary artworks. For the exhibition, juror Brian Nelson, Professor of Sculpture at Eastern Michigan University, selected 32 works of art from 22 artists based on his vision with an emphasis given to compelling works of art presented in new, imaginative and unexpected ways. Winners: Eugenia Hoag (1), Gail Borowski (2), Rosemary Lee (3), and David Bartlett (HM).

August 2 – 26: The Graded Wash: Juried Watercolor Exhibition

The Graded Wash featured 29 artists who painted with watercolor, gouache, and other mediums to create 44 colorful works including landscapes, seascapes, and portraits, as well as, animal, plant and abstract motifs. Juror Jill Stefani Wagner selected these remarkable works from 86 diverse entries. In the news: The Oakland Press. Winners: Jean Canavan (1),  Denise Willing-Booher (2), Julia Pangborn-Harley (3), and James Velthoven (HM).

June 2 – 30: Confluence: Mixed-Media Fiber Art by Jennifer Gould & Boisali Biswas

Confluence merged the talented world of two Michigan fiber artists who use both traditional and contemporary materials and techniques.  Influenced by nature year-round and abstract non-objective shapes and wild colors, Jennifer Gould’s pieces involve a wide diversity of techniques combined with unusual fabrics. Gould creates unique wall-hung and freestanding textiles as well as textile figures to express her place in the world. Boisali Biswas has always had a deep-rooted attachment to traditional art forms of India and owes some of her stylization to the captivating traditional patterns and the rich array of colors. Adapting to Western Styles and techniques, combining them with her lifelong fascination for ethnic arts around the world, have all been a melting pot for her to create a multicultural ‘canvas’ of fiber assemblages, art quilts and wallpaper weavings.

May 5 – 20: The 18th Annual Student Art Exhibit

The Student Art Exhibit features two- and three-dimensional works of art in various mediums created by talented middle and high school students. In its 18th year, this exhibit is a collaboration with local art educators to promote the appreciation and importance of art in schools and aims to demonstrate to students the experience needed to work as art professionals or pursue post-secondary degrees in the fine arts. We encourage all of our students to participate in the arts and this annual exhibit. We also thank our educators, parents, guardians and community members who support their creative interests. Special thanks to Lucia Danes, Bob Wesley, Jim Roth of Custard Time, Biggby Coffee and Subway for donations of awards and prizes.

May 23 – 26: National PTA Reflections – Northville’s Finalists and Award Winners

Each year, the National PTA offers local, regional, state, and national opportunities for young artists to be recognized for their creativity. Join us as we present Northville’s best in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and the visual arts. The 2016-7 theme is “What’s Your Story?”

April 7 – 29: IMPRINT – Kate Paul: A Retrospective

 IMPRINT was devoted to Livonia artist, Kate Paul, whose described style of “Whimsical Surrealism” often reveals in her works a balance between abstraction and representation. The exhibition presented a unique opportunity to study the artist’s evolution over the last decade, beginning with her early works, influenced by her background in theatrical scenery painting, and concluding with her final works, transformed by her introspection and perseverance after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2010.  The exhibition featured over 50 works, including paintings, etchings, sketches, sculptures, and prose, by this self-taught artist who left an indelible imprint on the regional arts community. The Northville Art House donated 15% of the gallery sales to the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance with matching funds provided by Gordy Paul.

March 28 – 30: Northville High School International Baccalaureate

This final exhibition was the culmination of the students’ IB Art experience. Students presented a selection of their best work in the form of a curated final show, and defend and articulate their purpose and intention in a written rationale.

“The visual arts are an integral part of everyday life, permeating all levels of human creativity, expression, communication and understanding (”

February 3 – March 25: The 11th Annual Member Exhibition

Featured over 60 original works in all mediums, including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, jewelry, clay, and mixed media. The exhibition showcased the talents of member artists as well as recognizes the people who support the growth and creativity of the arts in the community.

January 6 – 28: Unsettled: The Printmaking of Robin Gibson

Featured 24 lithographs, intaglios, and relief prints by Robin Gibson, an Associate Professor of Art at Penn State University. Her work has been widely exhibited and are in numerous collections including the San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts; the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and the Smithsonian Institution.

Ms. Gibson is “interested in images that suggest rather than define; a landscape view that remains anonymous, devoid of identifying details that might reveal any particular place or viewpoint.” Though specific places may be hidden and recognizable only by their title, such as Yosemite, her multilayered prints, on closer look, reveal fluid lines, subtle coloring, and rich textures to capture the natural world.


November 4 – December 17: Conversations in Clay

Featured 50 ceramic works of art, both sculptural and functional, created by artists from the Clay Gallery. Drawing from both pottery and handcraft traditions, each artist puts a contemporary spin to figurines, vessels and other decorative and utilitarian objects. These fine examples of original clay work conveyed “the importance of art in everyone’s life” and make beautiful holiday gifts.  The artists represented included: Shirley White Black, Royce Disbrow, Craig Hishaw, Shirley Knudsvig, Yiu Keung Lee, Brigit Macomber, Susie Stephenson, Kris Stewart, Joe Szutz, Debbie Thompson, and Donna Williams.

September 2 – October 29: West of Center All Media Show


In a nod to our location, as well as our philosophy of bringing the community something unexpected, West of Center is an inspired effort to showcase contemporary works of art selected by a highly-regarded juror (Kate Paul).

Winners: Rosemary Lee (1st Place), Eugenia Hoag (2nd Place),  Judith Waterman (3rd Place), & Nicole Pelc-Church (4th Place).

August 5-17: Assemblage Invitational: Piece by Piece

Steven SawtoothThe Northville Art House presented the work of six compelling and award winning artists in our first Assemblage Invitational, Piece by Piece. Rick Cronn of Ann Arbor, Cre Fuller of Ypsilanti, Ozie of Wixom, Catherine Peet of Royal Oak, Stephen Palmer of Traverse City (see Sawtooth Fish) and Mike Sivak of Ann Arbor each brought a unique perspective to the art of Assemblage.

June 3-25: Head to Head: Three Artists Interpret the Portrait Model

La Femme Fiere_JanetKondzielaFeatured Janet Kondziela (seeLa Femme Fiere), Nina Ashraf Asmi and Mary Step are award-winning, metro Detroit area artists who meet weekly to paint the human form. This exhibition showcased their diverse artistic styles as they capture portraits of their subjects. Sponsored by Dan Delano of Edward Jones Investments.

May 6 – 21: Northville 17th Annual Juried Student Fine Art Exhibit

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.33.11 PM

May is student art month in Northville.  The Student Fine Art Exhibit, featured an array of exceptional two and three-dimensional work from talente middle and high school students.  This exhibit is a collaboration with Northville’s art educators to promote art appreciation among the community’s youth. National Art Contest “Reflections” award winners were are also showcased. Sponsored by The Northville Gallery Artwork & Framing.

April 1-30: Richard Rochon & Family: Four Generations of Artists

Showcased the work of Richard Rochon (1931-RichardRochon_EdinburgScotland_COloredPencilOnSandpaper2009) and examined his artistic influence on four generations of the Rochon Family. Rochon is well known in the field of architecture for his masterful renderings of buildings throughout the world and his personal drawings in colored pencil as well as watercolor and oil paintings offer an atmospheric sense of place. The exhibition also included artwork in a variety of mediums by his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Pictured: Richard Rochon, Edinburg, Scotland

 February 5 – March 19: 10th Annual Member Exhibition

UntitledAs a member and supporter of the Northville Art House, we would like to invite you to participate in our upcoming 10th Annual Member Exhibition.  This exhibition was developed to showcase our local talent and to say thank you to everyone who has supported the growth and creativity of the arts in our community. Over 60 artisted participated in this annual exhibition sponsored by Tracy Wick of Keller Williams Realty.

January 8-30: Barbara Bushey & Susan Moran: Textiles & Mixed Media

Bushey_Morna_Postcard_front_PROOFBarbara Bushey, Associate Professor and Art Department Chair at Hillsdale College, and Susan Moran, Instructor at Detroit’s Center for Creative Studies, are two award-winning fiber artists whose work develops from close observation of the Michigan landscape. They use the techniques of resist dyeing, quilting, collage and stitching to construct, enhance and emphasize their imagery that reveals the details of surfaces and structures, of our woodlands and waterways, throughout the seasons of year.


November 6 – December 6: Small Works: All-Media Juried Art Exhibition

TomatoandOniongobletThis exhibit showcased works of art limited to 12″ x 12″ by artists from throughout metro Detroit and several other states. We chose 120 artworks from over 270 entries, with painting, drawing, sculpture, jewelry making, and many other disciplines represented. Pictured: Tomato and Onion Goblet by Jean Donegan


November 6 – December 6:  Picture This! A Northville Camera Club Exhibit

Featured creative interpretations by members of the Northville Camera Club including: nature, animals, family, culture and architecture.

October 2 – 31: DENISE ROHDE: The Dark Side of the Rohde

DoomedFeatures over 30 digital photograph manipulations by Ann Arbor artist and photographer Denise Rohde. Rohde uses her traditional training in photographic processes, while embracing digital editing to create a style of her own. By deconstructing and reconstructing familiar subjects, Rohde takes the viewer on a dream-like journey to a remarkable world. Rohde’s visual stories reveal a sense of solitude and mystery, often heightened through a prop like an old tattered doll or a rusty cart filled with skeleton bones.

September 4-26: Ten to One–Interpretations of the Studio Model

Barbara Eko Murphy - Madame ButterflyThe exhibition represents the individual, artistic interpretations of the studio model. Featured are 14 artists who have been meeting weekly at the studio of artist Mary Step for the past 10 years. Exhibiting artists are: Jan Brown, Janet Kondziela, Kathy O’Connell, Nina Ashraf Asmi, Jeff Cancelosi, Sara Hadley, Barbara Eko Murphy (Pictured: Madame Butterfly), Kathleen Boettcher, Daria Fileta, Linda Logan, Sandra Bozer, Lynn Newman and Mary Step.

August 7-29: New Horizons: Recent Work by Barbara White

Peaceful PanoramaAs a life-long landscape artist in the Midwest, Barbara White tells a story with her new works to reveal images that flow through the composition.  With a strong emphasis on intense color and design, her ultimate goal as a painter is to evoke an emotional response in the viewer by capturing the soul of the scenery to create visual impact and convey a painterly message in a semi-abstract, representational style. (Pictured: Peaceful Panorama)

 June 5-27: The 7th Annual West of Center Juried Exhibition

Witness in a Shooting Gallery by Kate Paul of Livonia

In a nod to our location, as well as our philosophy of bringing the community something unexpected, West of Center is an inspired effort to showcase contemporary works of art in all media selected by a highly-regarded juror (Topher Crowder).

Witness in a Shooting Gallery, by Kate Paul (Best in Show)

May 1 – 16: Northville 16th Annual Juried Student Fine Art Exhibit

Yellow Salt Teapot by Aurora Gross

May is student art month in Northville.  The Student Fine Art Exhibit, featured an array of exceptional two and three-dimensional work from talente middle and high school students.  This exhibit is a collaboration with Northville’s art educators to promote art appreciation among the community’s youth. (Pictured: Yellow Salt Teapot by Aurora Gross)

April 3-25: Pastel Invitational Exhibition

Jill_Stefani_Wagner_CypressLaneShowcasing the work of seven accomplished pastel artists curated by Bob Wesley. Pastel is made by mixing powdered pigments with a binder, usually gum arabic, shaping this mixture into sticks, and leaving it to dry. These crayons or sticks of pigment are very crumbly and their colored powder adheres only loosely to paper, which traditionally was roughened in advance to create a surface for the material to cling to. Works in pastel are thus fragile, as movement can loosen the powder. Pictured: Jill Stefani Wagner – Cypress Lane

March 6-28: The Mystery Lesson: The Paintings of Kate Paul

morning by Kate Paul“To live in the mad world of manmade incantations & hocus pocus gives me not any special knowledge to understand the mystery of life.  The knowledge is knowing that I don’t know and cannot know the magic that surrounds me. The lessons learned are of experimenting with colour, paint, and images that define me. The mystery lesson is the comedy of errors and insights that lead me to play on! Kate Paul, 2015)” Curated by Took Gallagher. Pictured: Morning

February: 9th Annual Member Exhibition

JenniferHelner_BurgEltzThe Northville Art House is proud to present its 9th  Annual Member Exhibition showcasing over 70 works of art in this all-media, non-juried member show.  This exhibition was developed to showcase local talent and to say “thank you” to everyone who is supporting the growth and creativity of the arts in our community. New, emerging and experienced artists come together to present some of their favorite works of art in this highly anticipated exhibition.

January 2-31:  Between Landscape and Place: Paintings by John Dempsey

03_Glare#12_Dempsey“We move through a variety of industrial, post-industrial, modern and post-modern environments and then work to resolve landscape and nature within this cacophony of place. These compositions are offered to the viewer to visually explore and chronicle that complex relationship.”

John’s paintings are composed in order to confront a variety of environments and perspectives at once. They bring together a number of complex contemporary spaces for the purpose of an immediate comparison.


November 7 -December 6: International Mosaic Exhibit and Auction

Kinshasa Girl_Marita SchauerteThis auction collection of 141 mosaic artworks from artists represented 13 countries was an example of the diverse creativity in this again-burgeoning art form, benefitted Doctors Without Borders at the online auction website:

The event was curated by Lin Schorr, an award-winning mosaic artist from Novi, Michigan with a passion for this ancient form of art.

November 7 -December 6: The Art of Light:  A Northville Camera Club Exhibit

DMBPhoto_NY-4Showcased in the lower level gallery of the Northville Art House, “The Art of Light”  was the theme of this year’s Northville Camera Club exhibition. This exhibition was the club’s biggest event of the year. Members were invited to participate in this show and it’s the one time of year that their local photographic talent can be seen in one place. The Northville Arts Commission invites photographers of all skill levels to join the Northville Camera Club. Monthly meeting include guest speakers and opportunities for members to display and discuss their w ork. Meetings take place from 7:30-9 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in the lower level of the Art House. There is a $25 annual membership fee.

October 3 – November 1:  Art Quilts: Then & Now

Omega Turtle by Mary GentryShowcased both early and current work, this exhibit illustrates the evolution of Art Quilts in techniques, trends, styles and materials of the “Art Quilt” genre by fiber artists and members of Ann Arbor’s “Paradigm Fiber Art Group”, including Mary Andrews, Jill Ault, Mary Bajz, Deborah Danko, Cindy Geist, Mary Gentry, Sonja Hagen, Donna Hamilton, Sue Holdaway-Heys, Pat Holly, Patricia Ingersoll, Carolyn King, Gretchen Jackson, Barbara Kilbourn, Linda Larsen and Carol Wineman. These talented and award winning artists have exhibited with distinction in prestigious national and international shows and are known throughout the international fiber art community. Pictured: Omega Turtle by Mary Gentry

September 5-27: Lines: An All-Media Juried Show

Building by Ford #17 by Aileen Mozug


What’s  Your “Line”? This was the question posed to artists who entered the exhibition.  Is it a smear of paint from one dot to another? A quick note penned on a card? A group of people standing in a row? The words that start a lifelong conversation?

With no specific definition in mind, the Northville Art House presented the personal interpretations of the word “lines” in this eclectic show. Artists include: Sandra Ackerman, Clarine Boles, Danna Wolke Bowersox, Peggy N. Brewer, Nancy Cassel, Daria Fileta, Jack Glaab, Judy Gilmer, Jennifer Helner, Claudia Hershman, Rosemary Lee, Ellen Leigh, Jan Lucking, Michael McNamara, Aileen Mozug, Barbara Eko Murphy, DeAndre Norman, Sarah Olson, Kate Paul, Janice Polzin, Patricia Riascos, Joanne Rochon, Ellen Sherman, Lori Zurvalec.

August: DongFeng: The Work of WanChuan Kesler

Artist_WanChuan_Kesler_with_Bell_Tower“Painting is a passion I have had since childhood.  The process of creativity is what interests me and drives me.  I enjoy capturing the objects I see, people I know, and the beautiful scenery around me with my brushes.  I strive to evoke emotions in my paintings by expressive brush strokes, and passionate rich colors.  It is perpetually fascinating to me how an object of art could speak to us without any language barrier.  I would like my paintings to speak of life, of love, and of humanity. My favorite painting medium is oil on canvas and my painting subjects include cityscapes, figures, and the beauty of nature.”

June: West of Center All-Media, Juried Exhibition

152._SmokeFace_archival photograph_10x10 (1)

12._Relentless_oil_48x60 (1)

In a nod to our location, as well as our philosophy of bringing the community something unexpected, West of Center is an inspired effort to showcase contemporary works of art in all media selected by a highly-regarded juror. Pictured: Smoke Face by Joanne Rochon and Relentless by Amy Fell.

May: 15th Annual Student Art Exhibition

JMiyahara_Untitled_8.5x11May is student art month in Northville.  The Student Fine Art Exhibit, featured an array of exceptional two and three-dimensional work from talented middle and high school students (6th through 12th grades).  This exhibit is a collaboration with Northville’s art educators to promote art appreciation among the community’s youth. The art showcases a variety of disciplines–from photography and metals to painting and ceramics. Please join us in celebrating the achievements and creativity of these young artists. Pictured:”Untitled” by Julia Miyahara

April: Detritus: The Work of Tom Thewes


“Detritus” featured the work of Detroit cultural icon and acknowledged airbrush master, Tom Thewes. Thewes’ compelling artwork has been described as masterful firestorms of line and color–still images that are anything but still.  Painted facets and planes, the visual impact of tectonic plates that shift and collide, capture pop cultural insights from the artist’s own underground experiences and brave influences.

1. debris: debris or discarded material
2. rock fragments: fragments of rock that have been worn away

March: Sustained Patterns: Three Generations of Women Artists

Moucoulis custodial parent

Custodial Parent by Moucoulis

IMG_3625 Estep 2

Natalie Estep


Muscle Torso by Ellen Wilt

“Sustained Patterns” interprets human biology as a common theme. Wilt, who is in her 90s, examined working parts coming together and focuses on depicting human anatomy. Moucoulis was  inspired by the recent birth of her grandson. Estep depicted her own birth story.

Featured the work of three generations: Ellen Wilt, Eastern Michigan University professor, taught Ellen Moucoulis, Schoolcraft College art professor, from 1983-1986, who in turn taught artist Natalie Estep  from 2004-2007.

February: 8th Annual Member Exhibition

1795098_10152316734197122_1392087213_oThe Northville Art House was proud to present the 8th annual exhibition showcasing the varies styles and mediums of our artist members. This yearly show was designed to say “Thank You” to everyone who has supported the growth and creativity of the arts in Northville.

January: Altered Perceptions: The Work of Jan Brown

2013-08-13 002A life-long artist, Jan Brown began her journey into abstract expressionism three years ago. Her paintings force viewers to alter their perceptions on how a painting can move them, how pre-conceived ideas can change, and how color, line and shapes can cause reactions that sometimes force people out of their comfort zones.  Through her nonrepresentational work, the audience is forced to confront memories, hidden images and emotions, and find their own messages within the art.


November – December: Small Works All-Media Juried Art Exhibition

Textural+Study_Gloria+CzarneckiThe art in our Small Works  is perfect for the holiday gift giving season. This exhibit showcased works of art limited to 12″ x 12″ by artists from throughout metro Detroit and several other states.  Artwork mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, jewelry making, and many other disciplines are represented.



November- December: Through the Lens: A Northville Camera Club Exhibit

Bourbon+Street+LadyShowcased in the lower level of the Art House is “The Art of Light”, the theme of this year’s Northville Camera Club exhibit which was the club’s biggest event of the year. Members were invited to participate in this show and it’s the one time of year that their local photographic talent can be seen in one place.

(Bourbon Street Lady by Nancy Cassel)



October: Under the (Inspired) Influence

rsz_2diane_hawkey_-_the_guardianInspired: Aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, as if by supernatural or divine influence.

What is it that inspires an artist?  Personal mythologies, guardians and guides, spirits and ancestors, fairy tales, folklore, music, dreams?  The Northville Art House is pleased to present a group exhibition which offers a glimpse of what inspires eight individual artists and moves them to create.

The show features the work of: Anita Andersons, Renee M. Dooley, Mary Fortuna, Diane Hawkey, Leann Meixner, Juana Moore, Kate Paul and Mike Sivak. Pictured: The Guardian by Diane Hawkey

September 6 – 28: DIMORPHISM: The Work of Terry Lee Dill

HierophantDill 225x300Can a building be autobiographical?  Yes, in the hands of artist-architect Terry Lee Dill.  For the past 20 years, Dill has conceptualized fantastical buildings as metaphors of his daily life.  His drawings–elaborate creations of black ink and gold leaf, shot through with imagery of nature, religion and desire–are constructions entirely for the mind to explore and enjoy.  There are hints of Dr. Seuss, M.C. Escher and Erich Mendelsohn in this work.  As a result, “Dimorphism” will appeal to adults and children alike!

Terry Lee Dill holds degrees in architectural engineering, painting and sculpture, has taught at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, and has lectured on his work at numerous universities, including Stanford, Yale and Harvard.

August: COLLABORATION & CONTINUUM: The Carnival Photographs of Bill Rauhauser & Carlos Diaz

Untitled Pigment Print by Bill Rauhauser

An installation of the works of two renowned Detroit-based photographers who have collaborated in various ways throughout their careers, first in a student-teacher relationship at the College for Creative Studies (CCS), later as colleagues, and most recently, photographing the people and the landscape of carnivals.  The work demonstrated the artists’ diverse stylistic and thematic approaches.

Carlos Diaz, Professor of Photography at CCS, offers photographs that are staged portraits of carnival ride attendants as well as images of the carnival landscape.  Bill Rauhauser, Professor Emeritus of Photography at CCS, presents “street photographs,” finding his subject, as did Baudelaire’s flaneurs, while mingling with the crowd.

The show was curated by Mary McNichols, Ph.D., Professor of Art History at CCS.

June: West of Center–All-Media Exhibit Juried by Matt Eaton


The 5th annual “West of Center” contemporary arts, all-media show featured work chosen by juror Matt Eaton, a renowned artist and Director and Curator of Detroit’s Red Bull House of Art.  The show featured a wide range of accomplished pieces, including wood sculpture, acrylics, mixed media, glass and steel, assemblages, pastels, oils, ink stamp, photography, graphite pencil, fiber and more. Pictured: Spirit of Bad Dolls by Juana Moore

May: 24th Annual Northville Student Show


May is Student Month at the Northville Art House.  Each year, the upper gallery presents work done by Northville High School students in their art classes and the lower gallery displays work by local middle school students.  In addition, the Art House hosts a reception honoring the Northville winners of the National PTSA “Reflections” art competition. Pictured: Stout by S. Young

April: The Work of Amy Foster and Vianna Szabo 

Amy Foster Portrait Demo Getting Started

Featured the work of Amy Foster and Vianna Szabo.  Friends and instructors who share a love of capturing the human form, Foster is a master draftsman who loves line and gesture while Szabo’s passion is paint and color.  Their collaboration has produced an exciting collection of work that showcases visions of traditional figure and portrait in line and brush.Pictured: Becca by Vianna Szabo and Portrait Demo by Amy Foster

March: Sometimes You May Discover Something Beautiful: Dennis Michael Jones

Dennis Michael Jones Sometimes

Words.  Inclusive yet expansive, questioning, deciding, negating, affirming, entertaining.  A private conversation inviting public discourse.  The work of Dennis Michael Jones is all about words.  Integrating words and objects into deceptively simple images, Mr. Jones draws the viewer into an internal dialogue.  Because Mr. Jones’ pieces inherently involve direct interaction with viewers, each individual experienced the show differently and we were delighted to open the conversation with this dynamic exhibit.

February: The 7th Annual Member Exhibition

DSCN1928The annual Member Exhibition at the Northville Art House is always a favorite.  In its 7th year, the member show highlights the work of Art House Members in a variety of mediums and subject matter.  This exhibition was developed to showcase local talent and to say “thank you” to everyone who is supporting the growth and creativity of the arts in our community.  New and experienced artists come together a show off some of their favorite works of art in this highly anticipated exhibition.